Recap - Virtual Race - Run With Me Virtual 5K

Race Dates: Present - April 1st

Congratulations to all our Run with Me 5k Runners! Everyone who was part of this race got to celebrate this time with their dog. This was not a race to run by yourself it was time to celebrate your special bond with your dog. With this special medal you and your companion both get show off your medals that you have earned.

By running this race you will also be supporting an amazing cause. A percentage of every race entry will support Run Bella Run To The Rescue, a campaign that raises awareness for high energy dogs and local animal shelters. Please read more about the Run Bella Run story here

Gone For a Run is proud to provide runners both a great virtual running event that promotes fun and wellness as well as giving back to a very worthy cause to help others in need. A big thank you to our community of dedicated runners for their support.

We hope to see you on the road again soon!

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Virtual Race Times

Name Date Time
Jennifer G 03/27/18 00:28:03
michele digravina 03/07/18 01:45:27
Sharon Brown 03/27/18 00:34:51
Sondra B 03/23/18 00:32:54
Rebecca Lenzini 03/31/18 00:28:07
Heather S 03/15/20 00:23:58
Scott Rau 03/24/18 00:40:28
Faith Rau 03/24/18 00:45:50
Bill G 03/25/18 00:28:57
cheryl f 03/26/18 00:27:06
Elizabeth S 03/24/18 00:28:58
Kelly S 03/31/18 00:31:45
Cortney Morris 03/16/18 00:39:11
Heather S 03/15/20 03:23:58
Cheryl W 03/27//1 1::25:25
Heather S 03/15/18 00:23:58
Mindy Logar 03/18/18 00:45:19
Lisa Branchina 03/29/18 30:38:00
Elizabeth S 03/22/18 00:37:13
Brooke T 04/01/18 00:43:26
Jaclynn Williams (and Bea!) 03/31/18 00:33:49
Melissa P 03/30/18 00:31:42