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When it's time to unwind and relax in between runs, our running bedding and towels will keep you in the running spirit. Gone For a Run has been making practical but fun running lifestyle products since 2010, and runners from ages 8 to 80 will adore these home accents. Items such as blankets with hand corner pockets, soft running pillowcases, funny workout towels, and runner's beach towels are lightweight and comfortable for when you're recovering from the daily grind or a tough run. All of our towels and bedding for runners feature our exclusive graphics, patterns, and quotes.

The bedroom, gym, and pool will all be more fun when toting this unique running gear. Our runner's blankets are made of durable, supersoft plush polyester that keeps you warm at night. Add them to your bed along with a motivational pillowcase to wake up refreshed and ready or use these running throw blankets when snuggling on the sofa. When you head to the coast for a well-earned long weekend, bring a full-size beach towel for runners to dry off or lie on as you catch some rays.

We don't just make towels and bedding for taking it easy either. Microfiber workout towels are the best running towel for wiping away sweat and cleaning equipment when you head to the gym or the track. The moisture-wicking material in our custom runner's towel dries quickly, and by hooking one to your belt using the built-in carabiner, you'll always have it handy to wipe down. Gone For A Run knows that you're happiest when running, and with our quality runner's towels and bedding, you can bring that happiness home or on the road.


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