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Make a big, eye-catching statement in your home décor with the use of decorative wood words for runners from Gone For a Run. These carved wooden words and numbers are inspired by different running terminology and race distances. They make lovely statement pieces on bookshelves or displayed on desks and end tables. Place one wooden running word on its own or display multiple words together to create a larger picture. The monochromatic color and minimalistic design of these carved wooden words make them a sophisticated addition to any home or office. Buy one for yourself or give your favorite runner a running-inspired wood word.

Each of our running wood words or numbers is handcrafted from high-quality wood. Each one is painted with matte black paint to give it a bold and sleek look. Every wood word design comes in a different size, but all of them are made to fit perfectly on a shelf or a desk. When you place your order for your wood word, you will have the option to add a little bit extra to the decorative piece. Opt to add a small wooden heart or a wood peace sign to many of our wood word designs. Some of our RunWORDS can also be custom engraved with your personal information to commemorate a special race or other occasion.

Our decorative wood words for runners are made in several different styles to accommodate a variety of different tastes. There are RunWORDS for runners, triathletes, marathoners and more. Show off your passion for running with one of our simple "run" or "runner" wood words. If you prefer triathlons to running races, we also carry a variety of triathlon-inspired words. Get each one separately or choose a whole set of "swim", "bike" and "run" wooden words. We also like to help runners celebrate newly achieved race distances with our décor items. Shop our "13.1" and "26.2" wooden words to celebrate your first marathon or half marathon.