PR SOLES® Mesh Recovery Slip-On Shoe PR SOLES® Mesh Recovery Slip-On Shoe
PR SOLES® Mesh Recovery Slip-On Shoe
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Experience a comforting and stimulating foot massage after every run with a pair of PR SOLES® Mesh Recovery Slip-Ons from Gone For a Run. These comfortable slip-on shoes are made with special cushioned ACUPOINT® Patent Pending soles that are designed to massage sore feet and trigger acupressure points. The acupressure triggers activate nerve endings in your feet as you walk. The benefits of applying massaging action to your feet can improve your circulation and relieve foot soreness by breaking up painful lactic and uric acid buildup. They also help to mitigate pain in your legs and lower back while reducing swelling and tension. All of these benefits result in a quick recovery time after an intense run or a long day on your feet. First time users may experience some discomfort that will dissipate as your feet adapt to the shoes. In order to ensure that you get the proper size, please measure your feet and compare it to our size chart.

Power up your recovery with PR SOLES® Mesh Recovery Slip-Ons

  • Slip-on mesh slides with calibrated ACUPOINT® footbed
  • Cushioned ACUPOINT® Patent Pending insoles provide active massaging of the feet
  • Foot massage is known to:
    • Improve circulation and break up lactic and uric acid
    • Alleviate foot, leg and lower back pain
    • Help to reduce swelling and tension
    • Promote faster recovery by stimulating nerve endings
  • Breathable performance mesh on upper
  • Made from water-resistant materials
  • Can be gently cleaned with mild soap
What Customers Are Saying
“These are great for lounging or a quick trip to store”
-Kristy B.
“Great relief from running! I have enjoyed wearing them around my house to rejuvenate my feet after my runs.”
“Feels like a constant foot massage when wearing! Acupuncture points on bottom of feet and toes.”