Accessories For Your BibFOLIO Race Bib Albums

BibFOLIO® race bib albums are the perfect way for any avid runner to display his or her collection of race bibs. These ingenious displays hold several race bibs together with a pair of metal rings. Each one has a decorative cover and back to create a sort of ring-bound booklet of race memorabilia that can be displayed on a table or desk with a metal stand. If you showcase your race bibs with one of these albums and have found yourself wanting to improve your display, check out the selection of accessories for BibFOLIO® race bib albums from Gone For a Run. These accessories can help you expand the capacity of your album to increase the number of bibs it can hold. They can also increase the amount of information in your display, replace broken parts, and offer extra protection to your race bibs.

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A standard BibFOLIO® race bib album can hold up to 100 race bibs or 50 when using vinyl protector sheets. The included screw-closure binder rings can only hold so many bibs before reaching capacity. If the number of race bibs you've acquired since you first assembled your album has increased, try our BibFOLIO® album expansion rings. These 3.25-inch screw-closure rings come in sets of two and will greatly increase the number of race bibs your album can hold. Each set is rubberized and easy to open and close for convenient assembly. If you need a new set of rings for your race bib album, but don't need the extra space, we also carry 2-inch BibFOLIO replacement rings.

Not only are BibFOLIO® race bib albums a great way to display your running memorabilia, they're also the perfect way to create a visual representation of your progress as a runner. Use a pack of My Race RECAP BibFOLIO® journal inserts to add an extra element to your progress tracking. These inserts effectively add race journal pages to your album and allow you to record race details to go along with your race bibs. My Race STATS BibFOLIO® journal inserts offer a place to record your personal stats for each race and pair them with the corresponding bib in your album. Be sure to purchase a pack of our race bib vinyl protector sheets to properly display these journal pages. These laminated sleeves will also protect your race bibs from inadvertent damage.


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