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If you have a large collection of running bibs and medals, our Hooked on Medal Displays are the perfect solution to help you organize and showcase them in style. The unique collection of Gone For a Run Hooked on Medal running displays are perfect for those runners who participate in a lot of races and do not attempt to stop anytime soon. With vibrant backboards featuring designs inspired by running, these wall displays turn a simple race award collection into a work of art.

Our race medal displays are crafted from high-quality wood and professionally printed vibrant colors. The boards measure 18" x by 12" by 1/2" and their glossy finish and rounded corners make for a unique piece of wall decor. Gone For A Run Hooked on Medals come with 30 hooks; you can add as many as 180 medals, and your race bibs to display your entire hard-earned collection. Each hook can hold up to six medals depending on the size. Seeing your race medals hanging side-by-side every day is sure to give you the motivation you need to get out and run. Challenge yourself to fill your running award display to capacity!

We decorate our hook medal displays with a wide variety of unique designs, quotes, and colors to ensure that runners of all types can find the perfect fit for their homes or offices. Stay true to the running theme with one of our runner girl or runner guy race medal displays. Give yourself some much-needed inspiration and motivation with a medal display that features a run mantra or motivational quote. Celebrate a newly attained race distance or personal best with a marathon, half marathon, or triathlon race medal display.


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