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Even in winter your love of and dedication to running is not hindered by plunging temperatures on the thermometer. You're more than happy to brave the cold to get your daily run. So when cold weather descends, your feet need some extra consideration. Add the luxuriously soft, super-cozy and warm slipper socks from Gone For a Run to your run recovery wardrobe. These comfy socks are designed with runners in mind. Envelop tired runner feet in the feel of plush fluffy fleece clouds. These quality knit socks are Sherpa-lined and feature a no-slip grip sole. Cold nights will have you pulling these toasty socks on cold feet whether you've gone on a run or not.

Cater to the comfort of your chilly, weary feet and help keep your entire body warm. Most of your body heat is lost through your feet and hands, so keeping your feet covered during wintertime is essential. Gone For a Run slipper socks for runners preserve precious heat that would otherwise be lost from the feet. But the reward goes beyond heat preservation. The super-soft fibers of the Sherpa lining of the runner slipper socks lull worn-out feet into a state of ease. How can the rest of your body not follow to deep, warm relaxation?

Sherpa lining gives the advantages offered by wool without the disadvantages. This synthetic polyester replica of wool fiber imparts the softness of fine wool. But unlike wool, Sherpa is lightweight, dries quickly and needs no special handling for washing. Enjoy the feel of wool without the extra work and weight.

One slipper sock size option fits most people. Choose which fun, runner-inspired print pattern best suits you or the lucky recipient of this great gift for your favorite runner. Practical and indispensable for long winter months, these socks make a great addition to any winter wardrobe. Be sure to order multiple pairs to keep your feet comfortable until spring. We even carry slipper socks with Christmas prints that make great festive holiday attire. These slipper socks are an ideal Christmas gift for everyone in the family.