Bib & Medal Displays For Runners

After all the work that goes into training before each race, you've earned the right to proudly display the medals and race bibs you receive. Gone For A Run BibFOLIO® displays are designed to remind you of the dedication and motivation throughout your running journey. Our BibFOLIO® displays are functional art that adds to the beauty of any room as you honor the work that went into earning those race bibs and medals. The unique collection of BibFOLIO® displays include our original or deluxe BibFOLIO+™ Race Bib and Medal Display or Hooked on Medals with Bib Hangers. Choose from our one-of-a-kind collection of BibFOLIO® race and bib medal displays and give your medals and bibs the presentation that they deserve.

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Our unique assortment of BibFOLIO® displays offers runners a chance to show off their running accomplishments. Gone For A Run medal and bib race displays are designed to always remind athletes that hard work and dedication pays off. The BibFOLIO® display collection consists of our original or deluxe BibFOLIO+™ Race Bib Medal Display as well as Hooked on Medals with Bib Hangers. With many running designs to choose from, our BibFOLIO® displays make for a great gift for runners for any occasion.


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