Hooded Seat Cover Towels For Runners

Our hooded seat cover towels are a must-have for runners. Made 100% cotton, their superior absorbency is ideal for soaking up sweat after intense runs or workouts, acting as a barrier between you and your car seat. Their plush feel guarantees comfort, making them an excellent choice for relaxation by the pool or on the beach. Whether you're coming from the gym, taking a refreshing dip, or simply lounging by the water, our hooded seat cover towels are a companion you won't want to be without.


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This versatile hooded beach towel can be used as a car seat cover after a run, workout or swimming. Use as a beach blanket or layer on top of a lounge chair. A perfect gift to avid runners. Our towels are fun and functional!
hood designed to hook
over the headrest
Our innovative car seat cover towels eliminate the annoyance of your towel slipping behind you while driving. Equipped with a convenient hood that fits snugly over the headrest, these covers ensure your towel stays securely in place. Say goodbye to readjusting every time you enter or exit your car; our covers stay in place effortlessly, providing you with comfort and convenience on the go.
protect your seat from sweat
athlete approved
Whether you need protection for your seats or a fantastic cover for leather seats during the summer, this versatile towel has got you covered. Designed to withstand any activity, it offers sweat-proof technology, an incredibly soft texture, and effortless installation. This towel provides the ideal shield for your car seats.
soft and ultra absorbent
perfect for after a run
Our car seat cover towel is expertly crafted with super absorbent, quick drying fabric, making it the ideal companion for your post-run routine.
Seat-cover Seat-cover
Embrace the perfect combination of functionality and comfort with this exceptional towel. Its added feature of a convenient hood serves as a pocket for your phone, wallet, and more. Moreover, its user-friendly design makes it effortlessly easy to pack and fold, ensuring hassle-free portability wherever your adventures take you.