Earrings & Rings For Runners

Running-themed earrings from Gone For a Run are the perfect subtle way for any running enthusiast to show her love for the sport. Our beautiful earrings for runners come in many different original styles and designs that are perfect for any girl who loves to run. Choose from runner's stud earrings and dangle earrings to find the pair that best complements your individual style. All of our premium running rings are made from high-quality sterling silver and polished to a bright and shiny finish. Our rings for runners are elegant, beautiful and simple enough to be worn as a part of your everyday jewelry. All of our running jewelry is made from premium-quality materials and is designed to last through many wears These items also make lovely gifts for the avid runners in your life.

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Most of our earrings for runners are made from fine .925 sterling silver. Some are plated in 14K gold for a different finish. Some of our runner's earrings are also adorned with semiprecious gemstones, such as cubic zirconia. This gives them an extra eye-catching sparkle that will look lovely on your ears. A pair of our ever-popular runner girl earrings is a wonderful way for any female runner to show her passion for running. These cute earrings feature running stick figures or women running in silhouette. They come in both stud and dangle versions so that you can get a pair to wear while you run and a pair to wear during your downtime.

Our rings for runners are made from precious sterling silver. Some are also adorned with cubic zirconia and other semiprecious gemstones. The addition of stones to these rings gives the designs a special, eye-catching sparkle. One of our most popular designs is the runner girl ring. This ring features a girl running in silhouette. This design is simple, elegant and captures the essence of being a female runner. Many women are drawn to this design as a way to show their passion for running. Other designs include feminine detailing, such as hearts. Some have cutout text with running-related sayings. No matter which running ring you choose, you're sure to be impressed with the quality of the product you receive.