Gone For a Run Hands-Free Dog Leash For Running & Walking Gone For a Run Hands-Free Dog Leash For Running & Walking
Gone For a Run Hands-Free Dog Leash For Running & Walking
Run with your four legged friend safely and comfortably with our exclusive Hands-Free Dog Leash, inspired by a runner and her dog.
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Mini Neoprene Pouch
Mini Neoprene Pouch

Our Mini Neoprene Pouch by Run Technology is the perfect size pouch to add to your Run Technology belt or dog leash to hold your mp3 player, running gels, ID, keys & more. It is made from water resistant neoprene that will not bounce and features an earphone receptacle to thread your earphones through from your mp3 player.

Red Reusable Gift Bag
Red Reusable Gift Bag

Add a reusable gift bag to your order to make your gift giving easy! This gift bag measures at 11" X 13" and features a pull ribbon closure and a tag to write a special message to your recipient for an extra special touch.

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Developed by a runner and inspired by her dog to make running and walking with your four-legged friend a safer and a more comfortable experience, our hands free leash is a runner's best friend! The leash fits comfortably around your waist, and the adjustable belt section features a quick release buckle from the leash section when needed. It's constructed with high performance materials which includes a bungee section that will absorb the shock of a dog' s unpredictable pulls and directional changes. It is also designed with 2 handles to quickly grab the leash to steady and control both the lead length and dog guidance. When fully extended, the leash is 56” (and 70” when fully stretched) but can be quickly shortened if needed to a 40” length when you need your dog closer to your side. This leash is not only useful for runners but also for anyone who wants to enjoy a ‘hands-free’ experience with their dog.

An optional add-on to the waist belt includes a useful neoprene pouch to fit doggie bags, treats, MP3 player, ID and other small items. Another add-on that easily slips onto the waist belt is a water bottle and holder.
  • Strong and Durable Nylon leash and waistband
  • Adjustable waist belt with quick release buckle
  • 360 degree large swivel hook prevents leash form intertwining
  • Leash length is 56” when fully extended (70” when bungee section is fully stretched)
  • Bungee section 26” in length and provides effective shock absorption when a dog pulls
  • Can quickly be shortened to 40” by buckling the d-ring on the leash
  • Includes 2 handles at different leash lengths to quickly grab when needed to control your pet or act as a training leash