BibFOLIO® Race Bib Albums & Displays

Any runner will tell you that a race bib is more than just something you pin to yourself during an event. These personalized plastic bibs tell a story both of specific races and of your development as a runner. A BibFOLIO® race bib album puts that story together in a form that you can display in your home or office. We have coffee table race bib albums and accessories to preserve these mementos instead of burying them at the bottom of your sock drawer. Turn your proudest running moments into functional art that everyone will love flipping through.

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Compiling race bib albums is like putting together inspirational running books that are constantly adding new chapters. Our BibFOLIO albums have covers made of wood and hold up to 100 chapters of race bibs – or 50 if you are protecting your bibs with sleeves made of clear vinyl. Choose from hundreds of imaginative designs or get a custom bib album with your names and photos. If you want to show off race medals as well, we have combined bib album and medal display hangers to exhibit both.

Race bib binder displays and wall hangers are a splendid gift for active runners that keeps on giving with every race they run. Check out our running binder accessories to do even more with these beautiful display pieces. Get additional vinyl protector sheets, add journal inserts to provide more details about each event, pick up a vertical binder display stand or order extender rings if your collection has outgrown your current album. Bring fond memories to life and look forward to making new ones every time you page through your new running bib album. We guarantee you'll be satisfied!