PR SOLES® Recovery Flip Flops for Runners

Ancient medicine has long known that the fastest path to pain relief and recovery is through the manipulation of special acupressure points on the body. Take advantage of this ancient knowledge to speed recovery after a race, a training run or a joy run. PR SOLES® recovery flip flops with ACUPOINT® design gently provide healing massage to sore, swollen, tired feet. These well-cushioned slide flip flop sandals are designed to make healing contact with special points on the soles of your feet that communicate with the nervous system, initiating healing relief. Made from a lightweight yet durable material, these post run recovery sandals are waterproof and slip on and off feet easily. The impact-absorbing sole material soothes and rejuvenates. These design elements also maximize comfort.

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The contouring of the ACUPOINT soles places gentle pressure and support to important points on the soles of feet to “trigger” nerve endings. These nerve endings in the feet are connected to the nervous system of your entire body. By stimulating these points, healing is activated, not just for your run-weary feet, but for your tired legs, back and then the rest of your body because all of the nervous system is connected. Pressure points are the portal for access to send messages for calm, pain relief and regeneration. These recovery flip flops for runners help to tell your body “job well done” and now it can relax.

The wide, Y-shaped flip flop-style strap holds the sandal to your foot while maximizing breathability. Your swollen feet will appreciate the room to recuperate. Since these essential, after-run flip flops are washable, keeping them feeling and smelling fresh is easy. These bi-colored sandals come in several color combination options. There are also many size options for women's recovery flip flops and men's recovery flip flops. See the detailed sizing chart for selection. Your feet serve you well and deserve attention in return. Give your feet, as well as the rest of your body a great recovery tool for runners. Our recovery sandals make great gifts, as well, if you'd like to pass this recovery tool on to a fellow runner.