Wall BibFOLIO® Race Bib Displays

Have you ever wondered what to do with the collection of race bibs you've built over your years of running? Each one of your bibs serves as a proud reminder of a race that you conquered. Display them proudly for everyone to see with the selection of wall BibFOLIO® race bib displays from Gone For A Run. Not only do these race bib wall displays show your collection, they also help preserve your bibs for years to come. Each of our BibFOLIO displays holds up to 100 race bibs. This means that you can show your entire collection with just one wall display. Easily attach your race bibs to the mounted BibFOLIO or give them extra protection with a set of optional vinyl protector sheets.

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Our high-quality race bib wall displays are expertly crafted from wood and hand-finished to give them a glossy shine. In order to give each display a personal and decorative design, the wood is then printed with our proprietary, high-resolution printing process. Each wall display features a different original, race-inspired design. Many can also be personalized with the runner's name or other custom text of your choosing. Mount your collection of race bibs to the BibFOLIO using the attached twist cable rings. Then, attach the display to your wall using the included standoff decorative screws. Each one measures approximately 12 inches by 12 inches to provide plenty of room to give your race bibs a colorful background.

Browse our selection of BibFOLIO race bib wall displays to find the perfect design for your own bibs or as a gift to your favorite runner. They come in several different design collections that include options for runners of all kinds. Choose from displays made for runner girls and runner guys for a more universal option. If you'd like a more personal display, try our custom wall displays or BibFOLIOs decorated with your own photos. Some options double as dry erase boards and can be decorated and redecorated with dry erase markers at home. Our zodiac collection includes race bib displays that are decorated with different astrological signs. We even have race bib displays that feature designs based on race distance to help you celebrate your first half marathon, marathon or triathlon.

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