Recap - Virtual Race - All 4 Run 4-Miler

Congratulations to all our All 4 Run 4-miler runners! During this difficult times we still celebrate the strength of America by running this virtual race!

By running this race you have supported Achilles International. Achilles International provides a community of support to athletes with disabilities. Able-bodied volunteers and disabled runners come together to train in an environment of support and community. Within this community, runners gain measurable physical strength and build confidence through their sense of accomplishment. Please read about the great success of the foundation at achillesinternational.orgopens a new window.

Gone For a Run is proud to provide runners both a great virtual running event that promotes fun and wellness as well as giving back to a very worthy cause to help others in need. A big thank you to our community of dedicated runners for their support.

Virtual Race Times

Name Date Time
Kimberly Davis 05/05/20 00:56:23
Elizabeth McKnight 05/25/20 00:38:50
Shelley Cartee 04/13/20 01:06:00
Deborah Green 05/16/20 00:48:00