Recap - Virtual Race - Magical Miles 4-Miler (2019)

Race Dates: Before the clock strikes 12

Congratulations to all our Magical Miles 4-Miler Runners! All our princesses were not late to the ball and didn't loose a glass slipper along the run! This is a great race to get away to fantasy land get lost in all the fairy tales!

By running this race you have helped raise money for Give the Kids the World Village. this nonprofit resort provides week long, cost-free vacations to children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. Please read about the great success of Give Kids the World Village at gktw.orgopens a new window.

Gone For a Run is proud to provide runners both a great virtual running event that promotes fun and wellness as well as giving back to a very worthy cause to help others in need. A big thank you to our community of dedicated runners for their support.

Virtual Race Times

Name Date Time
Stacey Morgenweck 12/28/19 01:46:00
Amy Whitaker 12/26/19 00:43:14
Corinne Purks 03/02/20 00:43:37
Makayla wiley 01/04/20 01:00:16
Jessica Heyser 04/16/20 00:39:12
Shannon Hoste 04/06/20 00:44:54
Sharon Blain 03/02/20 00:38:37
Kayla Niedermeyer 04/12/20 01:02:52
Shelley Cartee 03/23/20 01:01:00
Dawn Hoffman 01/05/20 01:05:14
Rosita Johnson 04/17/20 00:47:00
Ashley Gusukuma 03/21/20 00:43:52
Elizabeth Olsen 04/21/20 00:58:25
Holly Higgins 04/18/20 00:52:18
Krissy Devoe 04/05/20 00:37:16
Sara Rock 04/19/20 00:59:04
Melaine Marse 03/28/20 00:59:10
Nancy Butner Moore 07/22/19 01:09:40
Nikita Smith 04/08/20 01:30:03
Kerri Cosgrove 04/19/20 00:44:47