Ongoing - Virtual Race - Marathon Challenge

Race Dates: Ongoing

This Marathon Challenge is a perfect way to push yourself as a runner to the next level or even train for an upcoming marathon. When you sign up for this challenge you will receive a race package where you will receive an official race bib, medal and marathoner tee. In addition, you will also receive training material that includes entrance to an exclusive Facebook page where you can receive the latest tips and tricks from Coach Guy and a training program designed specifically for the marathon challenge.

Please be sure to share your race photos and recap on our Facebook page at a new window

Virtual Race Times

Name Date Time
Pamela C 07/11/20 04:56:56
Gina M 07/01/20 09:03:00
Tim R 06/13/20 04:23:06
Olivia L 06/13/20 03:57:13
Sarah J 05/31/20 04:06:43
Nevai C 05/29/20 03:10:42
Ian Adams 05/23/20 03:47:08
Dolores Garncarz 05/03/20 02:57:41
Carl Wagner 05/02/20 00:40:45
Dave Ritchie 05/01/20 00:52:59
Jessica Lomax 04/18/20 03:48:52
Derrick Leonard 04/13/20 03:53:28
Sunshine Maranan 03/15/20 02:31:27
Chery Porter 02/09/20 02:49:09
Chery Porter 01/18/20 01:16:36
Jennifer Jefcoat 10/12/19 02:09:43
Jennifer Jefcoat 10/11/19 01:03:09