Silver Endurance Bracelets For Runners

Athletic men and women sometimes find it difficult to find jewelry that can withstand an active lifestyle. Traditional jewelry can be too delicate and may break or tarnish. Get jewelry that looks great and is made with a durable design with the silver endurance bracelets for runners from Gone For a Run. These fun and elegant runner's bracelets can handle everything your hectic life throws at them. They're made from high-quality stainless steel that is hypoallergenic, non-reactive and resistant to scratches. Our running endurance bracelets are also made with thick, cuff and bangle-like designs that won't break or get lost easily.

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Our endurance bracelets come in three different designs. The first is an engraved clasp bracelet that features a laser-engraved plate. These bracelets are made with a cuff design and have hook and eye clasp attachments. This makes them easier to put on and take off as well as allowing for some movement for the bracelet to adjust to the contour of your wrist. They also feature a polished silver finish that pairs beautifully with almost any outfit. Each one of these bracelets has a different inspirational saying, run mantra or other running-related design etched directly on the bracelet. Choose one of our race distance designs to celebrate your latest race milestone. Our runner girl, runner mom and sole sister bracelet designs are perfect gifts for all of the running women in your life. We also offer personalized monogram and custom text designs for an even more personal gift.

Our other endurance race bracelet styles include silver cuff bracelets with running designs. Choose between a dainty, stackable cuff bracelet and a thicker cuff option. The thinner style features run mantras and inspirational sayings stamped on the bracelet. This silver cuff makes a lovely and feminine option for female runners. Our thicker silver cuffs are made with cutout text and other running designs. Some of our most popular options feature cutout Roman numerals that correspond with marathon and half marathon distances. These thick cuff bracelets are simple and elegant. The wide design makes them ideal for both men and women.

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