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"Running with Purpose" can mean many things. Let me start by saying that having a purpose in anything you do is one of the most contributing factors to overall success. Having purpose in running puts training in perspective. It’s present when you need to be reminded of your goals, whatever they may be.

Some examples of internal purpose include: improving fitness, training for specific races, and mental wellness. A coach, training partners, and especially family, are intricate parts of external purpose. These components help with direction and motivation when training and life get tough. Reminding yourself of your purpose will make the journey much more enjoyable, all while helping with obtaining your goals along the way.

Having a purpose in your running is important but rarely talked about. The first question I like to ask my athletes is - "What motivates you?" Take a moment to ask yourself that very question. Now take another moment to write down the things that motivate and drive you. This is YOUR purpose! Of course, your purpose may change and evolve over time.

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The second part of running with purpose is understanding how specific training will help with development over time. Most of us follow a running schedule but do not have a clue as to why a specific run or workout is beneficial. It’s important to make sure a workout aligns with your current fitness and goals, not your training partners. Not understanding the purpose of your training can lead to confusion, and ultimately burnout or injury. Runners who understand their training tend to be happy and healthy, which leads to solid long-term development.

The biggest takeaway from this blog post should be that running is just as much mental as physical. Set yourself up for success from the beginning. I hope you all find purpose and joy throughout your training and racing moving forward.