Runner's Footwear

Take care of those runner's feet with moisture-wicking performance ankle and knee socks, as well as running compression socks for support and improved blood flow. Compression socks are indispensable for anyone who runs frequently and/or long distances. Our exclusive PR SOLES® runner's recovery sandals and flip flops are ideal post-run, featuring ACUPOINT® soles that provide massaging comfort for tired and sore feet, while lessening leg and back pain as well. A favorite for runners who love to slip out of their running shoes and into their PR SOLES® recovery sandals as soon as they get home, they're a thoughtful gift for anyone who runs - and one they'll be thankful to receive. We also have a variety of styles of runner's flip flops, engraved thong sandals, and slide sandals for the perfect everyday warm weather footwear, that shows your running pride, and selected styles can even be personalized for a one-of-a-kind running gift.