Runner's Footwear

Every runner knows that, when it comes to comfort and performance, it's all about the feet. Gone For A Run has runner's footwear appropriate for every waking hour that will keep a smile on your face no matter how far you've traveled today. Taking care of your feet during and after a run will help you perform better, recover faster and be less prone to fatigue-related accidents and injuries. We have been supporting elite athletes and casual enthusiasts since 2010 with runner's footwear that is as stylish as it is practical. Order today so you'll ready for your next 20-mile training run or for doing errands on a recovery day.

Our running sandals and socks feature leading designs from our knowledgeable staff. Runner's socks can make as big a difference for runners as the sneakers they're in, and we're happy to assist you in finding the right pair for your tootsies. We carry woven performance ankle socks with woven inspirational messages, elastic top knee socks with fun original patterns and multicolored compression socks that provide support and promote blood flow. All of our athletic socks are made of moisture-wicking fabric to keep your feet cool and dry. When you've returned from a great run, reward yourself by kicking back in cozy slipper socks line with warm Sherpa fleece.

Recovery is an often-underrated part of a runner's life, and you can accelerate the process with our PR SOLES® recovery sandals and flip flops. First introduced in 2013, our revolutionary slide sandals have soles that massage as you walk, relieving tension and soreness in your feet, legs and back so you're quickly refreshed for the next run. We also have waterproof custom flip flops for relaxing by the pool. Quality men's and women's running footwear is vital gear for anyone involved in the sport, and when given as a gift, is a sure way to show a runner you care about them. Gone For A Run has free shipping on qualifying orders to go with our great prices.