Shoelace Charms For Runners

Make your running shoes fun and stylish by adding a running shoelace charm from Gone For a Run to your laces. These cute shoe charms easily slide right onto your shoelaces to create a subtle statement. Our original and unique running designs, sayings and mantras are included on our collection of shoelace charms. We also offer these charms in many different shapes, colors and styles to make sure that every runner will find something they love in the selection. These shoe adornments are the perfect way to show off your individual personality while showing off your love for running. Whether your style is humorous, serious or inspirational, we have the perfect pair of running shoe charms for you.

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You'll have the option to choose from several different shapes when you purchase a pair of shoelace charms for runners. Our round charms are perfect for a more traditional style while our heart-shaped charms add a little bit of feminine flair. Speech bubble-shaped charms typically feature funny sayings or snappy quips. Each of these different shapes also comes in multiple styles. Some feature a ridged, decorative border while others have polished borders that are decorated with multiple shiny rhinestones for a little extra sparkle.

Each pair of our running shoe charms is made with a fun, decorative design. There are charms made specifically for female runners, such as our runner girl, runner mom, runner grandma and bride charms. Other pairs offer amusing sayings, like the charms that feature jokes about rewarding yourself with beer, wine or bacon after a long run. Our state shoelace charms are a perfect way to show how much you love running in your home state while our race city charms mark milestone races in large cities. Mark your other milestone races with our race distance shoe charms, including marathon and half marathon options.