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April 28th   |   By Jacky   |   Guides

How to Make Mother's Day Special

Mothers deserve to be celebrated every day, but out of all the days in the year, Mother's Day is truly all about them. Sure, flowers are great, but I know the secret to what Mom really wants and how you can make her day truly special! Consider this your definitive guide on how to give the best Mother's Day gift, and how to make the whole day full of smiles!
Mother's Day For Runners

This Mother's Day, get Mom what she truly wants - something she'll love! More than flowers, more than a mushy card, nothing is better than quality time with her loved ones. Mom deserves the best of both worlds - the joy of opening the perfect gift and the memory of a great day all about her. As a certified mama's girl from day one, I'm here with all the tips and ideas for a full day of mom mania!

Start off your day right! For a mom that runs, a breezy morning run is made even better if you're her partner! It's easy to add some meaning (and adorable matching swag) to this morning run by signing up for one of our Virtual Races designed just for mom!

Choose a race based on a cause close to her heart, or choose based on our included swag for an extra gift. Maybe your mom is One Bad Mother Runner and would love a visor; maybe she's a Mama Bear who needs a headband to keep her hair back, or maybe mom just plain needs a run (and tank to show it!).

Cap off your run by snapping a post-run pic with your medals (mom won't care if you're sweaty, I promise). Pro tip - this photo will also set you up for next year's Mother's Day when you can gift mom a framed copy of your special photo! Maybe this isn't a run where you get a new PR, but a run with a great running buddy is a great way to share your passion for running and enjoy that together. There's nothing wrong with your mom also being your Sole Sister!

For an extra touch, get mom some new running gear! She can wear a new pair of performance tights on her run with you - bonus points for reminding her how much she inspires you with tights that read "She Believed She Could So She Did." While you'd never want to call your runner mom the terrible j-word, a cozy pair of joggers are perfect for relaxing with the family! For maximum effect, hook your mom up with a full new outfit! Pick out a brand new shirt or tank top to go with her new running tights! Complete the look with a cute Watercolor Performance Hat and a pair of new socks - ankle or mid-calf - to remind her that she really is One Bad Mother Runner.

After your run, put in the extra effort to make both of you the perfect post-run breakfast. This is also a great way to get your non-running family members involved, too! Skip your usual peanut butter and oatmeal or protein shake and opt for another protein-heavy option with a bit more flair. For something quick, mash some avocado and spread it over whole-grain toast with your favorite seasoning (I add flakey salt and some sriracha to mine). If you're tagging in some of the family members that didn't go on the run with you, a frittata is an easy way to make egg whites look impressive. Throw in some spinach and cherry tomatoes for a great pop of flavor! If you aren't big morning eaters, a smoothie bowl is a great way to make a protein drink into an Instagram-ready but Mom-approved light breakfast. For the moms that run on caffeine, a Heartfelt Mug is a perfect gift she can use immediately and becomes a great reminder of you and your day every time she fills it up (which, if you're my mom, is quite a bit!).

Wine and Candles with a Running Theme

For your afternoon, like your morning run, pick an activity that focuses on what your mom loves, but also gives you the opportunity to spend time together. Unless your mom is a movie buff or is dying to see a new release, a dark theater where you can't talk is probably not the move. This is pretty easy to achieve for any budget, too - the important thing is that it's all about your mom. Is mom an art lover? If so, you can check out a local museum - many have Sunday specials and virtual tours to keep this more budget-conscious - or try something a little different and opt for a boozy paint night! There are a lot of classes available for this now, or you could recreate it at home! Stop by your local art supply store for supplies and find a video tutorial to put on the TV while you chat and sip wine - we'll supply the glass!

Is mom less Van Gogh and more Van Winkle? Treat her to a spa day! You can pamper yourselves at a spa or right in her living room with some natural equivalents! Cut up a cucumber, light some adorable candles, and put on a face mask while you both relax and chat - the perfect end to a perfect day!

However you spend the day, treat your Mom like the queen she is. Show her how much you love her by making the day truly all about her. But remember, for a mom, no day is really perfect without the kids that gave her the title.

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