For many running devotees, a runner's log is an important tool to stay motivated and work towards their goals. If you're looking to get serious about running or need a new journal to replace your full one, Gone For a Run has a running training journal for you. Recording your runs can help you get ready for a big race, track progress on your own time or identify areas that need improvement. We have dozens of running journals in colors and themes to keep all runners striving toward better PRs. And they're one of the best gifts for showing a runner that you want them to succeed!

Each 160-page running training journal has 280 training log entries, meaning that even a six-day-a-week runner can record nearly a year's worth of runs. There are also pages for writing down goals, tracking mileage, listing race results, updating your PRs and creating a "running bucket list". We have included spaces for all sorts of information every time you log a run, including date, time of day, route, weather, pace and even heart rate. If you want, you can use the notes section for miscellaneous info such as, pre-run eating habits, life stressors or other factors that can affect your run. The vinyl cover will help protect these important logs from weather damage.

We have a staff full of runners at Gone For a Run, and we designed our running diaries based on our own experience with training catalogs both good and bad. It has all the elements a runner's journal needs to record information relevant to their needs and help them do more. Goal-oriented runners will also appreciate the motivational quote at the bottom of every training log page that will help them keep their eyes on the prize, whatever that prize may be. Get a custom running journal with your name added to the cover and you'll be ready to take your running to the next level.