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Reasons to wear a costume to run a race

To the uninitiated, wearing a costume to run a race seems like an odd thing to do. If the purpose of a race is to cross the finish line with your best time, isn’t it better to wear performance gear? Doesn’t a costume slow you down? Isn’t it awkward or uncomfortable to run in a costume? Actually, the answer to all three questions is “no” if you choose the right costume, even for the most serious, seasoned runner. And with theme races rising in popularity, you’ll want to wear a running outfit that fits the theme.

5 Reasons To Wear A Costume To Run A Race:
  1. It’s different. If you have run a lot of races and they start feeling run-of-the-mill, wearing a costume will be a new experience (and it doesn’t mean that you forego your credibility as a serious runner!).
  2. Easier to be seen. Family and friends watching from the sidelines will be able to spot you easily when you are in the middle of a group or from a distance. The latter is particularly useful so that your cheering section can get ready to snap away as you are running past – wouldn’t want to miss a great photo op!
  3. Creates camaraderie. Whether running with your best running buddy or your running group, wearing similar costumes reinforces the shared experience. Go team!
  4. Meet people. Other runners and spectators will want to talk to you about your costume and even take photos with you. And, those watching from the sidelines tend to cheer more enthusiastically for anyone running by in a costume which will spur you on to a new PR!
  5. It’s just plain fun! Wearing a costume is fun both for the runners and the spectators. Why deprive yourself or your public?
Finding Your Costume

Just like dressing up for Halloween, there are two approaches to a costume: create your own or choose one that is ready-made. For the DIY runner, you can create your own by starting with a tee or tank with a fun design or theme, then adding leggings, arm sleeves, a headband, a tutu, socks or any other accessories in a coordinating color or similar theme to the design on the top. But for some real fun, and especially for a themed race, you will probably want to buy a running costume. It will have all of the components, and they will be designed to be worn while running, not just for a holiday party.

At Gone For A Run, we love creating running costumes, both for specific theme races and races without a theme. All of them feature a Performance Tank Top with an original design, and depending on the costume have a tutu, running shorts, leggings, arm sleeves, socks, headbands and even capes. If you are planning on participating in any of these popular theme races, we have a costume for you!

Halloween – It is practically a requirement to dress-up for a Halloween-themed race so we’ve come up with a lot of great options. Some are Halloween-specific such as the Pumpkin Run Running Outfit that includes a set of arm sleeves with our Spooky Pumpkin pattern, Jack-O-Lantern Yakety Yak Knee High Socks, and a Glitter Sequined Running Costume Skirt. Or run as a superhero in the Runner Woman Running Outfit that has our Run Free Performance Capris with a star print and red waistband, and arm sleeves printed with the all-important bracelets.

Thanksgiving – As traditional on the fourth Thursday in November as a big feast, the local Turkey Trot is a must for most runners. Be sure to dress for it in either our Pilgrim Turkey or Goofy Turkey Running Outfits. With a “Run Now Gobble Later” theme, our Pilgrim Turkey costume includes leggings for warmth, a Juliband No-Slip Headband with a row of Pilgrim Turkeys printed on it, and a sequin skirt for some glitz. The Goofy Turkey outfit includes our adorable Goofy Turkey design topped off with our super popular Turkey Knit Hat (tip: be sure to order early as it sells out every year!). Either one will make for a memorable start to your Thanksgiving Day.

Winter Holidays - When Christmas time is here, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to running costumes. There are outfits with leggings or shorts (for warmer locales or over leggings), tutus or glittery skirts. Dress as Mrs. Claus, an Elf, or Santa, or put on your Ugly Sweater with coordinating Sherpa Mittens and a Knit Hat. Doing a New Year’s run? The Ice Queen has a running skirt with enough glitter for New Year’s Eve.

Valentine’s Day – Running a race with your sole sister for Valentine’s Day? Then our Sole Sister outfit is a must! It has leggings with “Sole Sister” down the calf and (of course) a Glitter Sequin Skirt. The best part is the Sole Sister Performance Tank Top that has one design split over two tops – each one has half of a heart. Just be sure to get one of each to form the whole and have a great time running together.

St. Patrick’s Day – Before celebrating with an appropriate beverage in your engraved Beer Pint Glass earn it by running your local St. Patrick’s Day race in one of our running outfits. The Kiss Me I’m A Runner option includes a super cute tutu with green satin fabric clovers sewn into the tulle and a Kiss Me Shamrock patterned RokBand, perfect for March’s blustery weather.

Bay To Breakers – Started in 1912, this race is a celebration of San Francisco in all its diversity. While not exactly a theme like a holiday event, this is one race where you will stand out if you DON’T wear a costume! So get your running buddies together and get your run on by wearing matching running outfits. The costumes get better every year at this race so up your game with the Team Darkside Running Outfit. It has everything you need to stand out including leggings, a glitter skirt, arm sleeves and a running cape. Be prepared to be photographed!

Patriotic Holidays – For Memorial Day, Independence Day or Labor Day races, be sure to show your love for the U.S.A. in an outfit featuring stars and stripes. The Performance Tank Top in the American Flag outfit has our Patriotic Heart design on it, and the tutu is made from red, white and blue tulle, has silver-color metallic stars, and is finished with a red satin ribbon.

Magical - Running a race at a Disney theme park? You can go one of two ways: princess or character. Princesses can be Cinderella for a few hours in a Run Like It’s Midnight outfit complete with a tiara printed on the Juliband headband, or choose the Glass Slipper option with a corset design on a tank top. Or, if Minnie is your favorite, you will love the Magical Mouse outfit with a red-with-white polka dots tutu. However, if you prefer shorts when running, opt for the Run Your Ears Off outfit with polka dot everything.

Virtual Races – Love Gone For A Run’s Virtual Races but like the festiveness of a live race? Have the same fun by starting with the theme of your race packet and creating your own costume. It’s easy by adding a Tutu or Glitter Sequined Skirt to coordinate with the tee or tank included in your race packet. Both are available in a range of solid colors, and there are tutus with theme prints like Run For Wine or Faster Than Boo. Everyone needs a headband of some sort, and both the Juliband No-Slip Headbands and the Multifunctional RokBANDS are available in colors, prints and sayings to work with any of our virtual race themes and designs. Then there are Running Shorts, Performance Capris, and Arm Sleeves. And those are just a few of the runner-tested and approved options. So get creative and add some extra fun to your next virtual race. And be sure to send us a photo!

Add some variety to your running life by dressing the part for a theme race. Whether you opt for one of Gone For A Run’s curated Running Outfits or design your own, you are guaranteed to have more fun when you run.

Running Costume Ideas