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"I founded Gone For A Run because I cherish the joy in 'Going for a run' and I believe that the magic found when you run should be encouraged, shared, and celebrated." - Julie Lynn, Founder


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Running in the Heat

Run Early

While it can be easy to hit that snooze button in the morning, the coolest time of day is before the sun rises. Beat the heat and get your run in before the sun comes up!

Run Early When It Is Hot

Slow Down

It generally takes the body a few weeks to acclimate to warmer temperatures. During this time especially it is important to focus on effort rather than pace. Also, it is imperative to look for signs of illness due to heat such as headaches, changes in perspiration, confusion, or dizziness. If you begin to show signs of heat exhaustion, stop your run and call it a day.


Even if you don’t feel thirsty, hydration is extremely important in the summer months. When you sweat, you lose salt in addition to water. It is also important to replenish electrolytes as well.

Hydrate When Running In The Heat

Choosing the Right Outfit

Now is the time to break out the thin fabrics, moisture-wicking material, and light colors. Check out the links below for a new outfit to help you beat the heat!

Performance Tank Tops Performance Tees
Women's Shorts Men's Shorts

Recovery Sandals for Runners

Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Make sure to choose a waterproof/sweatproof variety sunscreen to keep yourself protected against damaging UV rays.

Choose the Right Route

Plan your running route to help you stay cool. Try to avoid asphalt and concrete surfaces, which tend to absorb heat, and opt for shady routes instead. Also, it is a great idea to plan your run around water stops, such as drinking fountains, to help you stay hydrated in the summer heat.

Harding Spring In Sedona, AZ


A great way to help you stay cool during the summer is to apply ice to areas such as the inside of wrists and neck. These spots help to quickly cool down the body and keep your internal temperature in check.

Dunk Your Headwear

Hats and multi-functional headwear are a great way of cooling off during the summer heat. One trick I have learned is to dunk my hat in cold water before placing it on my head. ROKBands are another great option to soak before a hot run. Place your ROKBand in ice water before you head out the door and the chill on your neck will help you stay cool during your run. Find your next running hat or new ROKBand®!

Post-Run Swim

A dip in a nice, cold pool, stream, lake, etc. can be just the motivation you need to get you through a hot summer run. Getting into cool water after your run is an excellent way to refresh and reward those aching muscles. Check out our beach towels and flip flops to have yourself pool ready for after your summer runs!

Have a Post-Run Cold Snack

One way I have found to stay motivated during a hot summer run is to have an ice-cold treat waiting for me when I am done. One of my personal favorites is Pedialyte pops or other electrolyte popsicles. Not only do these post-run treats cool me off, but they also help to rehydrate at the same time!


Know when to call it outside and opt for a treadmill instead. Try listening to our new Spotify playlistopens a new window to make those treadmill miles fly by!

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