Running 12" X 12" Removable Wall Tile - Boston Route Running 12" X 12" Removable Wall Tile - Boston Route
Marathon Routes
Running 12" X 12" Removable Wall Tile - Boston Route
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Decorate any room with inspiration and running memories with our removable and reusable 12" X 12" running wall tile, they are sure to brighten up any room. Our 12" X 12" running wall tile is made from laminated wood and features a bright and colorful design in which you can show off your running pride on any wall. Each wall tile includes two removable strips so that you can move your wall tile without leaving marks on the wall. Why just stop at one wall tile: with so many different designs, you can make a whole collage and they make for great gift for any occasion.
  • Vibrant Color: Our exclusive designs are turned into vibrant art with ultra-high definition colors on this proprietary Wall Tile.
  • Material: The 12" X 12" Wall Tile is made from laminated wood that features high-definition colors for a bold piece of artwork. Our professional printing process ensures the artwork is always sharp and crisp.
  • Hanging: Each wall tile includes two removable strips, in which the wall tiles can be removed and reused without leaving a mark.
  • Care Instructions: Wall tiles are designed for indoor use only and are to be kept out of direct sunlight when indoors. Handle the surface with care to avoid scratching. Clean with any glass cleaner and a soft, clean rag.
How to Hang Your Wall Tile
  • Wipe wall down where you want to hang your wall tile with rubbing alcohol
  • Separate strips
  • Remove red liner from strip and place strip about half way down from the top of the tile and about one inch from the side
  • Repeat step 3 for second strip
  • Remove black liners from both strips and press wall tile firmly to the wall for about 30 seconds