ID Bracelets For Runners

Like any athletic or physical activity, emergencies can happen when running. If you've been rendered unconscious or otherwise unable to speak due to an accident, ID bracelets can provide the information that's needed to receive prompt and effective medical care. Our IDmeBAND bracelets and tags are a solution that can save your life if you ever fall victim to dehydration or a nasty fall. These personalized information bracelets are custom-engraved to speak for you when you need a voice. They are one of the most valuable gifts for walkers and runners you can buy and are also a practical accessory for cyclists, skiers and other athletes.

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We carry identification bracelets with bands made of materials such as nylon, silicone and our shoelace-based Race Lace. These weatherproof materials are all designed to be comfortable and durable with the choice coming doing to personal preference. Each ID me bracelet has a metal plate that can be engraved with up to five lines of text. Use them to provide info such as a runner's name, address, emergency contact number, blood type and known medical allergies that could be vital later. Some ID bands have a second plate where we can list additional medical data or put a special message to keep you going during a race.

If your wrists are already full or you don't like the feel of bracelets, we have other ways to identify you during emergencies. IDmeBAND shoe ID tags can be woven right into your shoelaces while dog tag ID necklaces can be tucked underneath your shirt. We even have a special IDmeBAND that clips onto a watch or heart rate monitor. All of these running IDs are effective ways to communicate important information, especially if you are working out alone or in an unfamiliar area. Add some style to your medical bracelet with a choice of band and tag color plus replacement accessories to make sure you are always spoken for when running.