Running Cinch Sacks for Runners

Never find yourself without a bag again with the collection of cinch sacks for runners from Gone For a Run. These convenient and versatile bags are made of thin, yet durable, nylon material that can easily be folded up and kept in a car or larger bag for times of need. They feature a drawstring closure and can be carried over your shoulder or as a backpack. Fill them with your essentials before heading out to a big race or carry a change of clothes for the gym. These running cinch bags also offer great storage for school days and during travel. We offer these useful running bags in several different colors. Each one is also printed with one of our original running designs.

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These thin nylon backpacks are the perfect alternative for anyone who doesn't want to carry around a heavy and cumbersome bag. Each one measures 14 inches wide by 18 inches high to provide plenty of room for all of your essentials. The structure-free design also allows these bags to be easily stowed away in between uses. All our runner's cinch sacks come with color matched durastring® drawstrings for easy closure. Choose from dozens of different running-inspired illustrations and sayings when you search for your perfect running bag. Opt for a simple design made for runner girls or runner guys. There are "just for fun&" running cinch sacks that are made with funny sayings and relatable quotes. We even carry drawstring bags for runners who run with their dogs.

Get all of the motivation you need to keep running with our inspirational quote bags. Show that moms can be accomplished athletes too with our runner mom cinch bags. Show off your new run achievement with one of our race city drawstring bags. These are designed based on big races held in cities such as Boston, Chicago and New York City. You can also showcase your latest milestone race with our race distance bags. These are made for marathoners, half marathoners and ultra runners. We also carry cinch sacks for triathletes and cross country runners.

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