Runner's Bib & Medal Displays

You've worked hard for those race bibs and medals, now it's time to get them out of your drawer, and on display! No runner wants their bib to end up a crumpled up piece of paper, considering it's one of the things they earned as a result of all the hard work and dedication it takes to cross the finish line. Display and preserve your race bibs in an original BibFOLIO® Race BIb Album or on a BibFOLIO™ Plus bib and medal display - which combines a BibFOLIO album and a medal hanger, creating an all-in-one piece to showcase bibs and medals side by side. Speaking of medals, which we know you don't want to keep them in a drawer or a box in the closet, choose from our multiple styles of medal hangers, available in multiple sizes and all works of functional art that will be an eye-catching centerpiece in any room of a home, and put those irreplaceable medals on display, where they belong. Any of our bib or medal displays are special gifts that runners will cherish for years, with many styles that can be customized for an extra special touch.