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"I founded Gone For A Run because I cherish the joy in 'Going for a run' and I believe that the magic found when you run should be encouraged, shared, and celebrated." - Julie Lynn, Founder


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Howard Silverman - Runners Spotlight

We had the chance to catch up with Howard Silverman who just completed his 13th marathon and we wanted to know more about what motivates Howard at 63 to lace up his shoes and get running everyday!

Q: How did you get started running?

Howard: Growing up, I was totally un-athletic. The closest thing to a “sport” I played was bowling. In my late 20’s, I decided to join a gym that had a small track. That track motivated me to start running. First, I tried running just a single time around the track. Then, two times around. Soon I was running around the block outside!

Eventually, I decided to participate in races, mostly 10k’s. At 34, I ran my first marathon! After the marathon, business life and family commitments with three young children consumed my time. I ended up taking 20 years off of running, and I gained 100 pounds in the process! I was placed on medication for diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. At 54, I decided to start running again and managed to lose the weight I had gained. Now, at 63, I have been running consistently for almost 10 years. Running has helped me take back my health and I’ve come off of all of the medications!

Howard Silverman Running

Q: What motivates you to run?

Howard: Good, overall health motivates me to run. Running helps not only my physical health but my emotional, mental, and spiritual health as well. Also, I love the immediate sense of accomplishment you experience with running. There is a sense of gratification that comes with completing a run that is difficult to find elsewhere.

Q: What race memory stands out to you the most?

Howard: My friends have told me after my marathon the first words out of my mouth were, "Give me Oreos or give me death!"

Howard Running Back In The Day

Q: What has helped you get to this point in your running?

Howard: The thrill of competing alongside other runners from around the world in the NYC Marathon has inspired me to continue progressing in my running.

Howard Finished The Marathon Challenge

Q: What do you like most about Gone for a Run’s Virtual Race Series?

Howard: I like that the Gone for a Run Virtual Races are designed as virtual races rather than in consolation for a canceled race. The distinguishing feature of running the “Miami” or the “Buffalo” marathon is the location. A virtual marathon that is designed as such is appealing and fulfilling. Also, the online community at Gone for a Run is something I find encouraging.

Q: What advice would you give new runners?

Howard: My advice to new runners is to "have fun and stick with it!"

  • Running regularly and smartly will bring discipline to many areas of life.
  • Find a running store and get to know the staff. These people are very knowledgeable and will provide you with the knowledge to help you run smarter.
  • If I can do it, anyone can. Just get out there, walk, run, stay active!

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