Revolutionary Recovery PR Soles® For Everyone

PR SOLES® Shoes Revolutionary Acupoint® footbed triggers active recovery with its dual-action technology. The proprietary design of the footbed absorbs impact and cushions the feet and the calibrated Acupoint® raised bumps triggers active massage of the feet. Originally designed for marathoners to recover from the miles of stress exerted on their feet and body. Now these amazing recovery shoes are prescribed for everyone on their feet that need that whole body recovery. Massaging action to the feet has been proven to improve circulation, alleviate feet, leg and back pain and allow the body to recover faster. The customer testimonials for PR SOLES® are truly amazing and verify the credibility of these unique patent-pending recovery sandals.

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Benefits of applying
massage action to the feet:

  • Alleviates foot, leg and lower back pain and reduces swelling and tension
  • Breaks Up Accumulated lactic acid to detoxify the body
  • Improves circulation benefiting the entire body
  • Feet and body recover faster
PR Soles® Acupoint® Footbed is proven to trigger active recovery.
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Not Only for Runners...

  • Standing Desks
  • Medical Workers
  • Retail Associates
  • Construction Workers
  • Police, Fire and EMT's
  • And Anyone on Their Feet
Great For Anyone On Their Feet
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Our original PR SOLES recovery slide sandals remain a favorite among runners, and we continue to work on making them even more comfortable and effective. Each sandal has an ACUPOINT® foam-cushioned sole that massages your feet and absorbs impact as you walk. Science has documented that applying massaging action to the feet promotes circulation, breaks up lactic acid and stimulates nerves to bring relief to your legs and lower back as well as your feet. PR Soles Recovery shoes are like applying a foam roller to your feet. Whichever style you choose, you'll have a great pair of recovery shoes that will be a big part of your recovery program.

These lightweight running sandals are fully waterproof and breathable, so you can wear them by the pool, in the shower or anywhere else you want to go post-workout. They also have a wide foot bed and instep so your feet will fit even if they are swollen after a particularly tough session. Our PR SOLES recovery sandals for runners come in several sizes and color combinations and are a surprisingly low price for the relief they provide. Go to the product reviews and see for yourself just how many runners love these unique sandals. We guarantee you'll be satisfied – especially with how much more you get to run!