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April 26th   |   By Katie   |   Lifestyle

PR SOLES® Recovery Shoes: Your SOLEmate

PR SOLES®: runner recovery shoes. Running recovery shoes help decrease foot pain by promoting circulation and reducing inflammation in the feet and legs.
PR Soles Recovery Shoes for Runners

Ready to meet your SOLEmate? Whether you have 10 pairs of recovery shoes in your closet or zero on your wishlist, it is time to replace those shoes that have been collecting dust with your SOLEmate, PR SOLES® recovery shoes.

Destined for your feet from the beginning, PR SOLES® recovery shoes help you recover from a run more quickly (yes, that’s right - magic does exist). In fact, they help you recover from anything that keeps you on your feet for extended periods of time, but we are a running brand, after all.

What Are Recovery Shoes?

Recovery shoes are just what they sound like: shoes that help your feet recover from strenuous exercise or use. They are made to wear after a run (not during) to help prepare your feet for the next run. Whether you run 50ks, marathons, half marathons, or 5ks - you need recovery shoes! Why? As a runner, you probably know that running can create foot tension. This tension may increase inflammation and/or swelling in certain areas of the foot which causes pain and prevents you from getting back to what you love: running.

Recovery After Long Runs

When you run, or workout in general, your muscles produce lactic acid. When this is produced too quickly, it causes lactic acid build up - too much lactic acid in one area of the body. Recovery shoes help fight both of these conditions: soreness, tightness, and inflammation in the feet and legs as well as reducing lactic acid build up by encouraging blood circulation. When inflammation, tension, and lactic acid are reduced, it helps speed up the foot’s recovery process, enabling you to workout more frequently.

Why PR SOLES® Recovery Shoes?

PR SOLES® recovery shoes have been voted one of the best recovery shoes by many people, including Men’s Health and Runner’s World.

Here is why PR SOLES® recovery shoes are so great. They help to:

  • Reduce inflamed muscles
  • Encourage blood flow
  • Lower joint pain
  • Decrease tension found in the muscles in the feet, legs and lower back
  • Reduce lower back pain
  • Decrease pain from plantar fasciitis
  • Lower pain from shin splints
  • Absorb step impact

PR SOLES® are made with dual textured ACUPOINT® footbeds that massage your feet as you walk. The massaging footbeds are what helps to promote circulation and decrease lactic acid buildup. They also absorb the impact of your step more than a normal shoe, decreasing the pressure placed on sore or inflamed muscles, joints, and the lower back.

PR Sole Sandal Recovery Details

Many runners have found relief from foot pain (check out the reviews below), enabling them to achieve their goals faster. A significant number of people have also found relief from plantar fasciitis, a condition where a muscle in the foot becomes inflamed and causes pain. This condition is often found in runners due to overuse of the muscles in the feet.

PR SOLES® come in many different styles, including sneakers, slides, sandals, and slippers. Check out the designs and reviews below!

Completely Satisfied

I got these shoes to help with my foot pain and they were amazing I wear them all the time and my feet feel great

- Brian N.


Love them! I put them on every morning as I get up. Helps with my Achilles heel. Bought a couple pairs for friends as Christmas gifts.

- Patty D.

PR Soles recovery flip-flop

After countless running and triathlon training sessions, the PR Soles Sconset recovery flip-flop is fantastic. The massaging footbed actually aids in my recovery. I can wear them everyday. Many flip flops are too squishy and unstable, the PR Soles flip-flop is comfortable, durable and lightweight! What a great find!

- Terry R.

Great shoe!

This shoe is very comfortable and cute! I have plantar fasciitis and my pain level is almost zero with these shoes. I am so impressed I bought 8 more pairs, when they were on sale, for my friends and family. Everyone is loving them. I also bought the mesh recovery shoes so I could wear them to work, for all day comfort. The slippers are next on my list. Love - love - love.

- Debbie A.