PR SOLES® Standing Mat PR SOLES® Standing Mat
PR SOLES® Standing Mat
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The PR SOLES® Standing Mat is designed to be the most effective and functional standing mat for anyone spending a lot of time standing. This 26.5” X 20.3” X 1.4” mat is reversible and durable. Created to be worn without shoes, the proprietary design features our calibrated ACUPOINT® surface that triggers active massage to the feet. Massaging action to the feet is well documented to improve circulation and alleviate foot and leg pain allowing the entire body to recover faster. The reverse side features a cushioned, non-slip surface that absorbs impact and is ideal for people working at a standing desk, medical workers, retail associates, or simply anyone spending extended time on his or her feet. Significantly reduce your recovery time while you work by utilizing this foot recharging station by PR SOLES®.


Power up your recovery with PR SOLES® Standing Mat

  • RECOVER FASTER: This 26.5” x 20.3” x 1.4”  standing mat is designed to provide quick and effective recovery for anyone spending a lot of time on their feet.  The reversable and durable mat is equipped with PR SOLES patent pending ACUPOINT surface which promotes maximum comfort and recovery.  Now your can power up your recovery while your work!

  • ACUPOINT TECHNOLOGY: Our patent pending, proprietary, design features a dual-textured surface that triggers massage to the feet.  The surface helps to activate nerve endings in the feet, which has been known to help improve circulation and break up accumulated wastes.  It’s a foam roller for your feet!

  • REVERSABLE:  Designed to be worn without shoes, both sides of the PR SOLES Standing Mat provide ultimate comfort and recovery. The top side features our calibrated  ACUPOINT surface; and the reverse side provides a smooth cushioned surface that absorbs the impact of your feet and body.  Both sides, are equipped with a non-slip texture to prevent moment of the mat while in use.

  • DURABLE:  PR SOLES Standing Mat is water resistant and cleans easily with mild soap and water.