PR SOLES® Recovery Sandals

Runners love our PR SOLES® recovery sandals, the original slide sandals that feature massaging ACUPOINT® soles that activate and massage the nerve endings in tired and sore feet to send healing relief by stimulating blood flow to help refresh the feet, legs, and back. The lightweight and breathable sandals are a durable favorite to change into after a run or a race so runners can enjoy a speedier recovery - and the immediate comfort these sandals provide. The non-slip, waterproof sandals are designed to reduce swelling and tension, alleviate pain through a runner's body - particularly the feet, legs, and lower back - though they do provide all-over benefits - and it is easier to walk, even with stiff, aching legs and feet, in these specially designed recovery sandals that will be a runner's go-to sandals post-run or race, or any time they're looking for an incredibly comfortable pair of sandals to wear.

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