PR SOLES® Recovery Sandals

PR SOLES® runner recovery slide sandals deliver comfortable and effective recovery from intense runs. Runners love the soothing massage delivered to nerve endings in the soles of their feet by this ingenious sandal sole design. Your feet, legs, back and the rest of your body benefit from the specially engineered ACUPOINT® soles. These contoured PR SOLES take advantage of the pressure points on the soles of your feet. Massaging “knobs” on the soles gently stimulate nerve endings to signal the body to release tension and rejuvenate sore muscles. Slip these recovery sandals on the minute you finish your competition or training run to enjoy a quicker rebound.

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With a design inspired by ancient and modern knowledge of pressure points, these slide sandals for runner recovery improve circulation by initiating better blood flow. Improved circulation reduces tension and swelling, thereby relieving pain in your feet, legs and back. With less pain, less swelling and less tension, your body is free to regenerate and recuperate more rapidly. With each step in this recovery footwear, your feet will feel the gentle massaging action that promotes whole body relaxation. Walk your soreness away after a good run.

The wide, over-the-top foot strap holds the sandal firmly on your foot but allows ample space for maximum comfort. The airy, lightweight, breathable design of these sandals allows even feet that are swollen after an intense workout to comfortably slide into wellbeing. The impact-absorbing soles are well-cushioned and strong. These runner slides are waterproof and washable, making them versatile and ready to travel with you on your running destinations. Choose from a variety of colors, including solids as well as two-toned choices. Gone For a Run offers this indispensable footwear in women's recovery sandal sizes and men's recovery sandal sizes. Increase your enjoyment of running by improving your post run rejuvenation process speed and ease.