PR SOLES® Recovery Flip Flop PR SOLES® Recovery Flip Flop
PR SOLES® Recovery Flip Flop
Massage triggering ACUPOINT® footbed for whole body recovery. Using the science of massage and foot pressure points to activate healing. Over 1000 reviews & amazing testimonials.
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Green Reusable Gift Bag

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PR SOLES Recovery Flip Flop currently comes in whole sizes. If you typically wear a ½ size, we recommend you size up to the next whole size.
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PR SOLES® Recovery Flip Flops feature our innovative ACUPOINT® Patent Pending soles, which massage your feet using acupressure points. Foot massage is known to activate your nerve endings and encourage increased circulation, as well breakup painful uric and lactic acids. By stimulating your nerves, massaging action can help alleviate lower back, leg and foot pain while eliminating swelling and tension. This will help you experience a faster recovery time and relief for your sore feet and legs.

Power up your recovery with PR SOLES® Recovery Flip Flops
  • Calibrated patent-pending ACUPOINT® Footbed triggers active massage
  • Foot massage is known to:
    • Improve circulation benefiting the entire body
    • Break up accumulated lactic acid to detoxify the body
    • Alleviates foot, leg and lower back pain and reduce swelling and tension
  • Cushioned footbed also provides support

  • Cushioned thong-style strap
  • Wide straps for maximum coverage and comfort

  • Durable outsole with non-slip texture for maximum traction
  • Water Resistant

  • Gently clean with mild soap and water