PR SOLES® Bondi Recovery Sneakers PR SOLES® Bondi Recovery Sneakers
PR SOLES® Bondi Recovery Sneakers
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“Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live" -Jim Rohn

We believe that your health starts at your soles! Sink right into these revolutionary PR SOLES® Bondi Sneakers and experience a stimulating foot massage designed to power up your recovery. Recovery is an important part of your training that will benefit your entire body. These one-of-a-kind recovery sneakers are designed with our proprietary ACUPOINT® footbed that massages sore feet and triggers acupressure points. Some of the benefits of applying massaging action to your feet include improved circulation and reduced stress on knees, ankles, and other joints allowing for a faster recover. Your body will thank you for choosing our breathable PR SOLES® Bondi Sneakers.
  • Structured and cushioned footbed
  • Calibrated, impact-absorbing ACUPOINT® footbed that provides active massage to the feet to help:
    • Improve circulation and break up lactic/uric acid
    • Alleviate foot, leg, and lower back pain
    • Reduce swelling and tension
    • ·Promote faster recovery by stimulating nerve endings
  • Removable Acupoint sock

  • Easy slip-on/slip-off style with back pull tab
  • Made of flyknit materials for maximum stretch, breathability, and comfort
  • Lightweight and personalized fit with targeted areas of support, stretch, and breathability
  • Elastic laces for adjustability
  • Versatile style for all seasons
  • Unisex design style

  • Impact-absorbing outsole for cushioned strides
  • Non-slip outsole suitable for all terrains
  • Strategic groove placement for optimal comfort and traction

  • Gently clean with mild soap and water
  • Includes a reusable dust bag