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May 10th   |   By Jacky   |   Guides

Gear Up for Summer with This Patriotic Running Guide

For your Memorial Day run, your 4th of July run, or even just a holiday party with your friends, we’ve got the ultimate guide to go all out with your patriotic gear!
Running with the American Flag

Summer is a great time to fit in some fun runs! Independence Day runs and Memorial Day runs are perfect for this and just far enough apart that you can easily register for a run on both weekends! When you’re sweating out a daily run in 95-degree weather, it’s easy to lose sight of why we train as hard as we do. Registering for a couple of more casual runs is a great way to break up the dog days of summer and remind yourself of some of the reasons why you love running!

Even if you’re not the type to go all out and dress from head to toe in stars and stripes, you definitely want to grab a patriotic tee, tank top, or shorts for your run! Check out some of these styles so you never have to sacrifice performance in favor of flair! I tend to be a bit more low-key for my Memorial Day runs and I usually opt for a fun patriotic shirt and stick to the color scheme as much as I can. A fun pair of stars and stripes sunglasses is an easy, low-cost way to add an extra accessory that still has some function! For my patriotic runs, I usually buy some colored eye black so I can swipe a couple of quick red, white, or blue stripes under my eyes for a classic athletic look with a themed twist!

Running In Patriotic Gear by the Beach

4th of July runs are absolutely places where you can go a little crazy and let loose! Put together an outfit that is as loud as the fireworks that will close out the barbecue! Take your running outfit from Memorial Day to the next level by adding some fun performance tights, and a statement tutu! A flag replica would make a great cape to billow behind you dramatically as you cross the finish line! A George Washington-style wig is a great silly addition on a breezy day, but if you’re facing the full brunt of July heat, a comfortable hat or visor might be the better bet! If you followed me and got some red, white, and blue eye black for Memorial Day, you’ll definitely have enough left for Independence Day to add a finishing touch to this outfit, too!

Summer runs like these are when I try to focus on why I love running. Like many runners, I’m super competitive and tend to treat all of my races like a competition with my past and future selves so I am almost always hyper-fixated on new personal bests. Fitting in some fun runs is so important to balance out the official courses and tougher runs throughout the year! Never forget that we’re running so much, so hard, and so often because we love to run! So sign up for some sillier casual runs and make sure you’re having fun!

Check out all of our patriotic run gear to make any run into a fun run and help support our troops and veterans by signing up for a patriotic Virtual Race!

Running In Patriotic Gear on the Path