MedalART Hanger Extension Bar MedalART Hanger Extension Bar
MedalART Hanger Extension Bar
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Gone For a Run MedalART hangers are a great way to display your hard earned race medals. However, each one can only hold so many race awards. If you’ve run out of room on your race medal hanger, instantly expand its capacity with one of our MedalART hanger extension bars. These bars easily hang onto any MedalART hanger that is 13 inches wide or more. They add room for 12 to 15 extra race medals, so that you can display your entire collection. To add additional room to your medal display, simply add more extension bars. Add up to three to double, triple or quadruple the number of medals in your display.
  • Made to expand the capacity MedalART race medal hangers
  • Instantly adds room for 12 to 15 extra medals
  • Can easily be attached to any MedalART hanger 13 inches wide or longer
  • Double, triple or quadruple the hanger’s medal capacity by adding extra extension bars
  • Easy to attach to medal hangers
  • Made from sturdy black metal
  • Measures 14 inches wide
  • Add medals by sliding them onto the lower bar