Race Medal Accessories

Race medal wall hangers are a unique and creative way to display your collection of running awards. They allow you to line up every one of your race medals to create a visual display of your progress as a runner. Our medal hangers also provide their own decorative touch to a room through our original artwork and running-themed text. If you've created your own race medal wall display using one of our hangers and have found that you need to improve the presentation, browse our selection of race medal hanger accessories to find exactly what you need. Our race medal hanger parts allow you to change the appearance of your display, extend the capacity of the hanger bar and add personal details to enhance your collection.

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If you're an avid runner and have run out of space for your large collection of running medals, you can always increase the number of medals that you can display with a MedalART hanger extension bar. These extension bars work with our steel race medal hangers and decorative race medal hangers, as long as they are at least 13 inches wide. The black metal of this extension matches perfectly with the metal of the display hangers. Once you've added your new medals to your running award hanger, you may want to brace your walls for the extra weight. Easily create a more secure and longer lasting attachment with our set of wall anchors made especially for our race medal hangers.

When you are planning your new race medal display, you may choose wall space that isn't quite large enough to accommodate the long ribbons attached to your awards. Or, you simply may find it more aesthetically pleasing to shorten the ribbons a bit. Adjust the length of your medal ribbons with ease with the use of our medal ribbon clips. One of the most personal additions you can make using our race medal hanger accessories, is to add your personal race stats to their corresponding medals. Shop our selection of custom engraved RaceSTATS metal plates to enrich the memories of some of your proudest running accomplishments. These come in three sizes, from small to large, and can be personalized with your information.

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