Hook Medal Accessories For Runners Medals

Create a race medal display that not only showcases you running accomplishments, but displays your unique personality with the selection of hook medal accessories for runner's medals from Gone For a Run. Our hook race medal wall displays offer a lovely way for any avid runner to show off his or her race award collection. While each one of these displays is printed with race-themed designs, we want our customers to be able to personalize their displays even more. Our selection of medal display accessories includes both race hook tags and custom engraved metal plates. These accessories allow runners to add artwork, inspiration and their own personal race stats to their race medal rack.

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Race hook tags feature fun running designs and are made to be used to decorate the end of the medal hook on your display. Each one is approximately 2 centimeters wide and easily slides onto any hook on a hooked medal hanger board. Some of these decorative hook tags are even silver plated. Use them to add an extra personal touch to your medal board or use them to sort your collection of race medals. Custom RaceSTATS plates are personalized with your name and race stats; it can be attached to the back of your race medals. They come in several different sizes and include space for different pieces of information. Add your name, the name of the race, the date of the race, your personal time and a special note about why the race was important to you.

Our running award hook medal accessories are decorated with our signature running designs. There are hook tags with inspirational sayings as well as decorative tags that are just for fun. Some can be customized to provide a more personal touch to your running medal holder. A great way to use our medal hook tags is to label each hook on your display based on the race distance associated with each of your medals. We carry tags with a variety of race distances from 5K and 10K all the way up to marathons and half marathons. Another way to sort your race medals is by city or state. Our race city and state hook tags are made to include a huge selection of different locations from Houston to Big Sur.

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