Greeting Cards For Runners

Share holiday greetings, congratulations and other heartfelt sentiments with your runner friends by sending them a greeting card for runners from Gone For a Run. Our collection of running greeting cards is full of high-quality cards that are adorned with our original, running-themed designs. Some include motivational sayings while others feature a holiday or birthday theme. No matter what the occasion, you're sure to find the perfect card to send to your loved one. Browse through our selection to choose a single greeting card or opt for a box set of running cards to send to all of your closest friends and family. Each of our greeting cards is printed on glossy, heavyweight card-stock. They measure 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall and come with a matching envelope. Some are blank inside while others are printed with additional text.

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If you have a friend who has recently completed a milestone race, a great way to help them celebrate is by sending them one of our congratulatory greeting cards for runners. Some of these running-themed cards are printed with motivational quotes. Others have funny sayings that are relatable to anyone who loves to run. Many of our cards are printed with our own in-house illustrations. We also carry a line of runner's birthday cards to help your fast friend have the best birthday possible. These cards also include fun sayings and running illustrations.

You can also spread holiday cheer to your running family and friends with our collection of Christmas cards for runners. These fun and festive greeting cards are printed with holiday appropriate illustrations and quotes that will put a smile on any face. These running Christmas cards are available in single card options and in box sets of 12 cards. Each one is printed with a different holiday-themed image, such as Santa on a rooftop, a cute reindeer or lyrics to your favorite Christmas carols.

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