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Top Gifts for Runners

It’s that time again… when we all start shopping for the important people in our lives. Sometimes, it feels like a giant hassle – what to get? Where to get it? What if I don’t know that much about that person’s interests, as much as I care about them? So many questions! When it comes to the runner(s) in your life, we more than have you covered with our runner’s holiday gift guide, full of out-of-the ordinary, yet surprisingly practical gift ideas that the runners you know are sure to love.

Top Gifts for Runners 2016


Medal Hangers, BibFOLIO® Race Bib Albums, and Bookends

Medal Hangers

We have a large variety of medal hangers, with different designs to suit every kind of runner and their unique tastes. With great designs (and many that can be personalized), it’s the ideal gift for the runner you know has a ton of medals – and race bibs –  but oddly, you never see them. Probably because they keep them in a drawer or a box, and out of site.  Tsk. That’s awful! They worked really hard to earn those medals and should show them off any chance they get.

Custom Photo Hooked on Medals Bib and Medal Hanger

Give them the chance to make those bibs and medals a centerpiece in any room of the house with this unique piece of functional art. It is available in a variety of colors, and features a custom printed photo and name,  and of course, it can hold up to 180 medals across its 30 hooks and also has two clips to attach race bibs so all those irreplaceable and invaluable bibs and medals have the forever home they deserve.

MedalART Medal Hanger – Runner’s Inspiration

Crafted from black metal with a slider bar that can hold up to 24 medals, this inspirational medal hanger is also art that is ideal for hanging in any room of the house, or even in the office, as a conversational piece. With a carefully cut out metal top featuring inspiring and motivational words, this is not only  great way for runners to display their medals, but also, one to give them the extra push they need on those days they’re not totally “feeling it.” (It happens, believe it or not.)


BibFOLIO® Race Bib Albums

BibFOLIO® Race Bib Album – The Courage to Start

Race Bibs are one of the most difficult things to store and display – and we have the perfect solution with our BibFOLIO race bib albums.  This inspirational album has a faux chalkboard finish and a design that reminds you where you started, where you are, and where you’re headed. The ultimate coffee table book or display for a bookshelf or mantle, this sturdy wooden album has rings that enable runners to place their bibs inside the album.  Using the vinyl sheets, runners can truly create albums that are a testament to their running career, including photos, and documenting important information such as the date, times, and other information at the top of the sheets.  This is a great gift that can even be custom printed with a name for a personalized album that is an even more thoughtful gift for any runner.


There is just something classy about having bookends in your home, especially when they pertain to an activity you’re passionate about, such as running.  Anyone can put their books on a shelf, but bookends are something special.  They’re also something that you would give as a gift, as opposed to a full bookshelf, which would be ridiculous in most cases.

Running Bookends – 26.2 Math Miles

Ideal for any marathoner, our ever-popular 26.2 math miles concept is rendered in solid steel with a black matte finish for a great looking, and classic way to display favorite books on a mantle, desk, or even a single shelf on a bookcase. Our sophisticated bookends are the ideal way to add some running spirit to any room of a house – or an office – and is a unique gift any marathon runner will love to show off in a prominent place.

Don’t know anyone who runs marathons, but is still a runner and a reader?  Don’t worry – we have a variety of running bookends that represent the sport and other race distances for the ideal gift for the runners in your life.

PR SOLES® Recovery Sandals and Flip Flops

PR SOLES® Recovery Sandals

Give a runner the best gift possible – the most comfortable sandals they can slide on after a run, specially designed to help them recover after a run, featuring ACCUPOINT® soles with raised trigger points on the footbeds that are placed in such as way so as to massage specific nerve endings in the feet to send a massaging sensation through the whole body, especially the feet, legs, and lower back.  When runners are able to recover more quickly, they are able to run longer and harder sooner than they would have otherwise. The sandals are lightweight, breathable, and a great way to let a runner know you support them and want to see them achieve those PRs and goals in the new year.  We also have them in a flip flop design for the runners who prefer this style of sandal – all the benefits are the same.  When you give these to a runner, they’ll wonder how they got by without them and will be so thankful that you found the ultimate in recovery sandals (or flip flops) and thought of them and their poor, aching feet.

Warm and Cozy Running Home Decor

Runners who are proud of their sport will love our running throw pillows and blankets that add warmth to the house in more way that one.  First of all, they look great and add color and running inspiration to any room of the house. And then they are perfect for curling up with on those cool or cold evenings when you want to relax after a long day or a long run.  We have many original designs printed on our throw pillows – available in two sizes (15” X 15” and 24” X 24”)  – as well as our 40” X 60” sherpa fleece blankets.

Running Throw Pillow – Good Morning Sunshine

Available in two sizes, runners will love this pillow that’s a bright and sunny way to wake up. And no pressure, or anything, but it does kind of look as if it would be disappointed if the runner decided to skip that morning’s run. This bold and motivational running throw pillow is a great choice for any runner and they are sure to love using it both as a decorative pillow as much as they do cuddling up with it for a nap or even to sleep at night.

Running Sherpa Fleece Blanket – Inspiration Female

Our soft and cozy sherpa fleece blankets have original designs custom printed on a soft fleece blanket that is backed with sherpa faux lambswool for the perfect blanket to curl up and cuddle with after a long day.  This inspiring blanket not only is available in a variety of colors that will look great in any room of the house, but also, is perfect for motivating runners to get going in the morning and relax after a great run, knowing they’ll stay inspired. This is a great gift that even comes with a convenient carry bag so runners can take it with them to sports events or to cheer on other running friends as spectators.

Running Everyday and Casual Wear

Lots of runners would  live in their running clothes if they could, but it’s really not practical to do so. That doesn’t mean anyone has to pretend they’re not passionate about running, or don’t want to show off how much they love the sport any chance they get. (And yes, some of these can be worn when running as well as any day of the week.  There’s no way we could suggest you only buy runners casual wear!)

Hoodie – Inspiration Heart

This great hoodie not only has an inspirational message and a great design, but it’s made from lightweight performance material that wicks away moisture – ideal for running when the weather is cooler.  At the same time, it’s such a great looking hoodie, with a fitted women’s cut, there’s no reason it wouldn’t be a perfect match with a pair of jeans or leggings when someone was running errands, relaxing around the house, or otherwise just relaxing and showing their pride in the sport.

Think the runner(s) you are shopping for would like a different design, but the same performance hoodie? Not a problem – you’ll find the perfect running performance hoodie here.

Flannel Pants – Runner

Runners love relaxing after a long run in a pair of comfortable and soft flannel lounge pants. With the bold “Runner” design printed down the left leg, they’re the perfect way to identify as, and show pride in being, a runner whether relaxing at home or having a casual day with friends post-race. They even have three pockets for convenience, and are available in a variety of colors, making them a popular choice for a rest day.

Want a different design, or to personalize a pair of flannel pants? Those options are available, too!

Leggings – Marathoner

A great way to show that marathon running pride, our stretchy cotton and spandex blend leggings are a comfortable and stylish pair of leggings that are opaque enough to be worn on their own, but are also ideal for layered looks that never go out of style.  A great gift for someone who loves training for, and running in, marathons – they could certainly wear while running, but are a great pair of everyday leggings that make an even  greater gift.

We have tons of other legging designs – for runners who aren’t marathoners (yet) – and many can be personalized – with the printing both high and low on the leg, to match any runner’s personality and style.

Running T-Shirts

Our running everyday T-Shirts are always a popular choice because they’re super soft and versatile. Naturally, they can be worn when running or training, but they also look great when paired with shorts, jeans, or even a skirt.  Whatever is the most comfortable option based on the day’s weather or plans. We have a plethora of creative designs in a variety of colors, with a few that really stand out as favorites.

She Believed She Could, So She Did

One of our most popular designs, this is the perfect shirt for the runner who never doubted herself – even if other people did.  The ideal gift to let her know how proud you are of all she has achieved for a T-Shirt she will be as proud to wear as she is of her accomplishments.  This great shirt is also popular because it reminds her to keep believing – and is a great holiday gift heading into the new year when goals are being set for the new year.

T-Shirt – Run Now, Wine Later

Wine and running are the new wine and cheese – and if you’re looking for a runner who enjoys a glass of wine after a run, a race, or at the end of a busy day, this is the perfect T-Shirt for her. Everyone knows you can’t have your wine unless you run and this shirt is a great reminder of this, and a great way for runners to bond and make new friends who share the same interests. One of our most popular shirts for runners, it’s impossible to go wrong with this gift if you know someone who runs for wine.

T-Shirt – I Run to Burn off Crazy

This amusing shirt is a favorite among runners with a sense of humor – and who really do feel better after a run or if they are stressed in any way.  This super-cute shirt is a great way for runners to start up a conversation with each other when out and about and a fun gift idea that is sure to be appreciated by any runner.


Add some running spirit and style to your Christmas decorations or holiday displays with our resin or porcelain ornaments that are not only great gifts, they’re also lasting keepsakes that will have a prominent place on the tree for years to come – and an ideal way to add some special running home decor to any room of the house when it’s time to “deck the halls” every year.

RUN Resin Nutcracker Ornament

This detailed resin nutcracker ornament is an adorable addition to any tree, and even has a flat base painted like a road with his own little water bottle. The flat base makes this ornament even more versatile since it can stand on its own as part of a table or mantle display. This fun gift is a great way to celebrate the holidays with a favorite runner.

Running Porcelain Ornament – Your Race Bib

What better running gift that a memento of a special race with a 3” porcelain ornament that replicates a runner’s race bib with all the details, for a great way to keep and display – year after year – a reminder of that special race?   We take a high-resolution image of the bib and, using our proprietary printing process, print a copy of the bib on the ornament. We do not need (Or want! Don’t go stealing your friend’s bibs!) the actual bib, so it is easy to surprise a runner with this great ornament that is a thoughtful and memorable gift.


When people think of holiday gifts, one of the first things that comes to mind is jewelry. After all, that’s what’s being advertised on TV non-stop. (Well, that and cars… but let’s be realistic… why would you buy a runner a car?)  We have amazing running jewelry that will suit every taste and style – much of which can be worn everyday as a reminder of how much you care. .

Livia Bracelet – Runner Girl

Our Livia collection is made from sterling silver and is adjustable in such a way as to fit most wrists – so if you’re looking for a gift for a runner with tiny wrists (those of us who have them shake our tiny hands at 7” bracelets that fall off) or larger wrists – this is the ideal bracelet.  It comes with a “runner girl” charm, but can be further customized with additional charms and stopper beads for a completely unique gift that any runner will love.

Heart Filigree Necklace

This subtle heart filigree necklace actually features a runner girl inside the heart for a stylish piece of jewelry ideal for everyday wear that adds a touch of running – and a reminder of love for the sport – to any outfit.  The necklace can be further personalized with additional charms for a one-of-a-kind gift runners will be unlikely to ever take off.


For those who just can’t decide from all these great items, we have hand-picked some of our favorite running items – with a mix of fun and functional items that runners will love – to make it easier for you to give a gift to your favorite runner this holiday season.

RunBOX – 2017 Inspiration

Help a favorite runner get ready for 2017’s challenges, goals, and races with this inspiring and motivational box that features a bunch of great gifts including our exclusive 2017 runner’s desk calendar full of exclusive art that even has room to log your daily miles in the corner of each page. You’ll also find a run Wood Word, temporary tattoos, reusable stickers, a water bottle designed for runners, and a car magnet.  This is a great gift to find under the tree for any runner – and is unisex, so a perfect choice for any runner who is difficult to shop for.

No matter what you choose, just remember the most important part of the holidays is not what you give – or what you get – it’s spending time with the people you love and care about most, sharing memories, time, and yes, gifts – as a token to let them know how much you care.  From our family to yours, happy holidays!

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