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Valentine's Day Gifts For Runners

When you’re in love with a runner, you know it’s a little more than a hobby (to say the least) – it’s a lifestyle. It can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect gift for your runner Valentine since it’s not like you can buy them new running shoes (just… don’t. It’s like trying to buy someone a pair of prescription glasses. Only they can do that for themselves. Trust me.) That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, or even difficult. Not only have we put together a great running Valentine’s Day shop, full of great gift ideas for you to browse, I’m going to play personal shopper and show you some of our more popular gifts for runners to ensure a great February 14th for her or him – and you!

01. RUNBOX Gift Sets – Chase Me (shown left) and Love 2 Run (shown right)

RUNBOX - Chase Me Gift Set RUNBOX - Love 2 Run Gift Set

Both fun and functional, our RUNBOX gift sets (there are more choices available here) are carefully curated by runners, for runners, to for something they are sure to love.  All our RUNBOX gift sets come packaged in a sturdy red box and have three chocolate kisses (a Valentine’s Day essential) – and various products that runners will enjoy and put to good use.  The Chase Me RUNBOX gift set features a T-Shirt, a pocket hat for a convenient way to carry essentials, a water bottle (always important for runners) and more.  The Love 2 Run RUNBOX gift set also features a T-Shirt, but a moisture-wicking headband, a cosmetic bag, and more for the ideal gift that runners will put to great use. They’re also a great value, as you’ll save as much as 45% off the cost of the individual items by purchasing the gift set that is sure to be a hit with any runner.

Valentine's Virtual Race Registration Packet
Not everyone is a gift set kind of person, though. No worries. How about a special Valentine’s Day run that (s)he can do alone – or you can join in? The Love 2 Run 2.14 Miles Virtual Race is a great gift. The race registration includes a sparkly medal with removable metal “candy” hearts, an authentic race bib, and a runner’s car magnet – plus the satisfaction of participating in an unexpected race for Valentine’s Day.  Virtual races are super popular ways to earn medals and our series is ever-growing in popularity. Sign up and run or walk it with your Valentine – and not only give a great gift, but can help you make a special memory of that romantic shared run in 2017.  Register for the Love 2 Run 2.14 Virtual Race here.
Sterling Silver Runner Heart Necklace
Jewelry is a classic Valentine’s Day gift – and one that you can’t really go wrong with. Our sterling silver Livia Collection runner’s necklace has a delicate filigree design with a runner girl incorporated into it. This is an ideal piece of everyday jewelry a runner can wear close to her heart at all times, and shows how much you love her – and her passion for the sport.  The necklace can even be personalized with additional charms for a stylish look – add a sterling silver initial charm and/or a Swarovski crystal birthstone charm for a one-of-a-kind runner’s necklace that will send her running over the moon. Put together the perfect look here.
Running Love Beer Mug Runner Heart Wine Glass

So many runners love to reward themselves after a run or a race with a glass of wine or beer, why not give them a specially engraved wine glass or runner’s beer mug? Not only is the design engraved, but you can add your own personalized text on the back for an even more special and unique running gift.  Perfect for a home bar or kitchen, your running Valentine will love to relax with a custom engraved wine glass or beer mug that is designed just for them.  We also have running beer pint glasses and stemless running wine glasses – also personalizable – so you can choose the ideal glass, or glass, for the runner who runs for wine… or runs for beer.

05. Runner’s Tutu with Red Hearts
Runners Red Heart Tutu

This adorable tutu is a favorite among runners – especially if they are running in a race and want to dress up for the holiday – and is an excellent way to make the gift of a virtual race registration even more special.  The lightweight and fluffy tulle tutu has white hearts sewn between the layers and is sure to stand out in a crowd.  You know your running Valentine will look great in this cute and sexy running tutu, so let her know, as well. (And be sure to compliment her when she puts it on… as if that won’t be the first thing you think!)

06. Performance Running Apparel

Mens Performance Valentine's Flirty T-Shirt Women's Performance Hodie Love to Run

Both men and women need performance running gear to keep them comfortable and dry when running in any conditions. Our men’s performance running T-Shirt has a fun and flirty design that’s a great gift for a male runner. Made from 100% microfiber polyester, it wicks away moisture for extra comfort, and has a relaxed fit that runners love so they can move freely, whether it’s for a daily run or a marathon. The “Hey… Can I Get Your Bib #?” T-Shirt is also available in a women’s cut for a fun gift she’ll love as well. A super-cute idea for a couple!  Our women’s performance running hoodie with a “love 2 run” candy heart design is also a great choice for a runner, as it is designed to wick away moisture and is perfect for cooler and colder weather – made from a blend of lightweight polyester, cotton, and spandex. Ideal on its own, it’s also a great shirt for layering and many runners find themselves wearing them as an everyday top to show how much they love the sport.

Now that you have some ideas in your head, think about what would make the best Valentine’s Day gift(s) and head over to our Valentine’s Day Running Shop – time is running out, as Valentine’s Day is February 14th. Make sure you’re not left with overpriced and wilted flowers and store-brand chocolates – give your running Valentine special gift or gifts that she or he will love and use – and shows your understanding of one of the things most important to them – running.

Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone at Gone For a RUN!

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