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Thankful for Running? Sign up for the Run Now, Gobble Later Virtual 5K

If there was ever a time we needed to run, it’s around the holidays. Between Thanksgiving feasts, parties, and that green bean casserole that Aunt Debbie makes, it’s so easy to fall behind on our running. So we’re helping you out and giving you the boost you need with our latest virtual race, the Run Now, Gobble Later Virtual 5K. The official race dates are any time you like between November 21st and November 27th, but because this is a virtual race, we won’t think poorly of you if you run or walk your race a little early (or a little late) since Thanksgiving can be so hectic!

When you sign up to enter the Run Now, Gobble Later Virtual Race, we’ll send you your race package – an authentic race bib (no printouts!), a large (and super cute) race medal, plus a pair of “Run Now, Gobble Later” knee socks to wear during the race – or any time you like. After all, they’re stylish and festive no matter what you’re doing.
Run Now Gobble Later Race PacketSuper cute! You have to love that turkey!

As is always the case with virtual races, we’re not really big on rules. Basically, run or walk 3.1 miles on the day and time – and in the place – of your choice and once you’re done, you’ve earned that medal. You can do your run alone, or with friends or family. Though you’re never truly alone when you participate in our virtual race series, as you’re joining our community of runners and participating in something that’s going on across the nation.  It’s a pretty great way to get involved with running, and it does help to know there are other people out there doing the same 3.1 miles you are and making it happen.

Speaking of family, why not involve the whole family in the race and start an annual pre-dinner tradition that’s fun and healthy for everyone? It could become the highlight of Thanksgiving dinner for years to come, with great stories to share and something fun for everyone to do together (instead of arguing over football versus that movie they show all day long).

Participants in the race also have the option to purchase some special Thanksgiving running gear at a discounted price – we have a vintage fitted tee and a vintage running T-Shirt, as well as arm sleeves, a Thanksgiving running tutu, and a turkey trotter RokBAND mufti-functional headband all at a special price for our virtual runners. We think you’re the best and want to give you a little something to let you know. (Please note: discount applies at time of race packet purchase only.)

Runners TuTu Goofy TurkeyVintage Fitted Tee Run Gobble

Seriously, that is an adorable running outfit – and we have sale prices just for you.

Here are Gone for a RUN, we love our virtual race community for that reason. Not only do we love all the inspirational stories and photos posted to our Facebook page before, during, and after each race – we love seeing how supportive everyone is of each other. After all, it’s about the joy of the run – and we’re all working toward our own goals and not competing with each other. If you’ve been thinking about signing up for a virtual race but weren’t sure if it was for you, what better time to take the chance than Thanksgiving?  I strongly suspect you’ll find yourself thankful you did.

For this special race, we’re donated a percentage of the race entry fees to Achilles International, a non-profit charity that offers support to athletes with disabilities. Athletes come together – with volunteers both disabled and able-bodied, to create a community that supports and encourages athletes to challenge themselves and keep going, even when it seems too difficult. We know our Gone For a RUN virtual running community will be proud to help this charity and their great work that has helped countless people since they were founded in 1983.

Sign up for the Run Now, Gobble Later Virtual 5K here.

We hope you’ll enjoy this fun race and share your recaps, stories, and photos on our Facebook page. Alternately, you can make my day and send them to – and you may be featured in a future blog post.

From our family to yours, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.  Keep running and stay safe – and enjoy that big meal after your run!

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