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“There once was an ambitious marathon runner
Who lacked any green running apparel
So they stayed home and cried on St. Patrick’s Day
And as a result, didn’t get a good run in until May.”
-Unknown, Ireland, 1842*

This well-known limerick** is a cautionary tale for all runners who find themselves faced with the dilemma of what to wear to run on St. Patrick’s Day.  Sure, you may own a green sweater, but who runs in a sweater? For some reason, you have a pair of green shorts that you last wore in fourth grade, but…we’ll all just agree to say “no” on those. (And maybe you should clean out your closet once in awhile?) So what do you do in this situation? The answer is easy: head to our St. Patrick’s Day store, where you can find everything you need to run St. Patrick’s Day in style.

You want shirts? We have shirts.  From fun, functional tech tees with exclusive designs for both men and women, to shamrock t-shirts, long-sleeve t-shirts, lightweight hoodies, and tank tops, we have something for everyone.

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You won’t be lacking for accessories, either.  We have socks, running tutus, performance headbands, arm sleeves, and of course, a huge selection of jewelry for runners.  Gift yourself, or a friend, or drop a hint or two to someone who might want to get you something special.

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Once all that is settled, what about after the race? .Whether you like to relax with wine, beer, or even just a nice cup of tea, we have you covered with an extensive St. Patrick’s Day/Irish-themed glassware collection.

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And don’t forget, there are still a limited number of spots left in our “Kiss Me, I’m a Runner” 5K Virtual Race, designed for you to run at the time and place of your choice on race weekend (March 17th-23rd). Enjoy a race t-shirt, custom bib, and bottle cap opener medal – some of which are engraved with a “lucky pot of gold” prize. You could win a Gone For a Run gift certificate, redeemable on any future purchases, so check those medals after you earn them!

02192016gfar10The situation may have seemed dire, when you started reading this blog, but now it’s all better. Everything you need to have the best St. Patrick’s Day run ever is just a click or two away.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Gone For a RUN!

*May or may not be 100% accurately attributed.
** Also may or may not be a 100% accurate statement.

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