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As spring approaches and you start finding yourself peeling away the layers from your winter runs, you also start to realize it’s time for a running wardrobe refresh.  You’ve worked hard, so why not treat yourself to some new gear?

One of the best things you can have for spring runs are knee socks.  Our compression knee socks come in all different colors and styles, to add a lot of color – and fun – to your runs. Plus, they keep your legs warm… without being overwhelming, on days when the weather can be as unpredictable as spring tends to be.

Socks 01When you’re crazy for color – these are the knee socks for you.  They match pretty much everything (mostly because they have every color in the rainbow on them) and they’re just a fun pair of socks to wear, especially on those days you’re feeling a little zany and brighter than usual.

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Socks 06Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day – or for those of you who reward yourselves with beer after a long training session, marathon, or race, these “Cheers to Beers” compression socks are the perfect choice.  Let everyone know where you’ll be heading after your run – or where you’re running to!

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Socks 04

Not that we’d ever forget about the wine drinkers! These fun and bright compression socks are perfect for everyone who runs because they love wine. Or loves wine because they run. It’s kind of a chicken or the egg thing, isn’t it?

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Socks 07Unleash your inner superhero with these lightning bolt compression socks. What’s your superpower? Speed! Endurance! Finishing races! You’re actually starting to make the other superheroes look bad.  But that’s okay, since you look great in these “Let’s Bolt” compression socks.

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Say hi – and bye –  with these playful “Make Me Smile” Compression socks.  These are a totally fun way to greet other runners and maybe even make some new running pals since you’ll be the friendliest runner around!
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We have other styles and colors to choose from… and something for every runner.  Enjoy the style and comfort of our compression knee socks this spring, and get your run on!

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