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Do you question your running speed and let your negative thoughts interfere with your true potential? It's just as important to go into your run with a positive mindset, as to be physically capable of pushing yourself above and beyond the limits your limits.

4 things to always keep in mind as a "slow" runner:

1. Positive thinking has a major impact when it comes to reaching your potential. Every time you tell yourself that you run slow and put yourself down, you condition your body and your mind to associate running with negative beliefs.

2. Whether you run slow or fast, running is still running. All runners experience the satisfaction of reaching a new PR and the disappointment of a bad run. You need to learn take both of these experiences and use them as motivation to do better in the future.

3. There will always be someone faster than you. And those fast runners, always have someone faster than them. Never let faster runners discourage you, use them as motivation to push yourself one step further.

4. Being a "slow" runner doesn't mean a thing because almost less than 20% of all Americans get the recommended amount of exercise. So just by stepping out your front door, and going for a run everyday sets you aside from 80% of Americans.

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