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Runner's Headbands - essential spring runnning gear

There are a lot of things that runners consider to be essential for their runs. There’s the glaringly obvious, such as comfortable running shoes and a good water bottle, to stay hydrated. But one important thing that many runners overlook is a running headband.  There are many different styles, but one thing they all have in common is they hold your hair in place (because flyaway hair that you have to keep straightening out and pulling out of your face can be a distraction from your run) and many serve as a moisture wicking band to minimize the sweat on your face and in your eyes.  We currently have five different styles of headbands, from thin, no-slip headbands that mostly hold your hair in place and keep it out of your face; to thicker, versatile headbands that can be worn in multiple ways and are made from performance fabric – designed to do more than one job.

Let’s take a run though the world of runner’s headbands and the myriad options available.

Julibands No Slip Headbands: These adjustable, no slip fit headbands perform as well as they look.  For runners looking for a thin and stylish headband, these are a great choice.  Choose a design you love, and know that our signature no slip material on the inside of the headband will continue to work, no matter how vigorous your run may be – with a little help from the adjustable, no pinch fit.  Try out a Juliband or two – you won’t be disappointed.


RokBAND Multi-Functional Headbands:  Our RokBANDS aren’t just headbands… they’re also scarves, scrunchies, beanies, face masks, and even wristbands. And those are just some of the things you can do with them. These versatile headbands are made from moisture wicking polyester microfiber material, designed to perform when and where you need them most.  The best part is, they help keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm.  There is almost nothing the RokBAND can’t do – and almost nothing you can’t do with a RokBAND.



Bunji BAND Headbands: We looked everywhere for the perfect elastic headband for runners and finally decided on the Bunji BAND Headbands.  These smooth, thick, elastic headbands stay in place and hold up to the demands of even the most serious runner.  The 1/2″wide headband lays flat, thanks to our no-seam technology and is a comfortable way for any runner to keep the hair out of his or her face.

Bunji Band

RunTechnology Tempo Performance Headbands: These headbands  have a free-sliding loop that enables you to wear them wide, folded, turban-style, or looped in the back, ensuring a comfortable fit based on your personal preference.  The moisture wicking polyester and spandex fabric won’t slip out of place, and they can be pulled down to protect your ears on cold or windy days. These headbands are so comfortable, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing one – and you won’t get a dreaded headband headache (the scourge of runners everywhere!)  We love Tempo Performance Headbands!

Tempo Performance Band


GripBand Headbands: These braided headbands are as stylish as they are functional, and an ideal way to keep your hair pulled back and out of your face when running.  The inside is lined with silicon, which keeps the headband in place for the perfect no-slip, no muss, no fuss fit.  They’re also only 1” wide, so they are comfortable enough to wear on long runs. These stretchy headbands are a popular choice for runners who can’t stand having to deal with hair that won’t stay in place and is always getting into their faces. Give a GripBand a try today!


When choosing a running headband, it’s important to think about what you are looking for and need most from your headband. Whether it’s simply to keep your hair in place, or moisture wicking fabric to keep your hair in place and sweat off your face, there are plenty of options. All of our headbands are comfortable, so it’s simply a matter of assessing your needs and choosing the perfect headband for you.

Happy running from everyone at Gone For a Run!

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