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When you’re a runner, it feels like you’re always on the go – probably because you are.  Especially if you’re a woman – you’ll find that even if your running clothes (or everyday clothes) have inadequate pockets for the things you need to carry with you.  And a lot of gym bags or tote bags are just so boring.  So what to do? I think you know what I am going to write next. We have a solution for every runner’s bag dilemma.

Kali Running Tote Bags

bag on chair large bag 02

Our Runner Girl Runner’s Tote Bag is a stylish tote bag that you not only won’t mind hanging on the back of your chair at work, but you’ll be happy to.  This large tote bag that measures 18″W x 11″H x 6″D is a great gym bag – I managed to put a notebook, a pair of our PR soles recovery sandals, sweatpants. a t-shirt, and a makeup bag in mine – and it all fit comfortably,  at that. Though you shouldn’t limit yourself to using it as a gym bag. If you like a larger everyday bag, you can’t go wrong with one of our totes.  As a bonus, the bag is made from waterproof vinyl, so it’s no worries for you if you get caught in a sudden downpour.

Lexi Running Cosmetic Bags

This is my favorite cosmetic bag! Look how much I keep in mine! I have liquid liner, an eye pencil, foundation, powder, a couple of lipsticks, and everything I need to refresh my look through the day – or night.
penicl case 02 00 makeup bag

The beautiful thing about cosmetic bags is they don’t just have to be used for cosmetics. For example, I always keep a cosmetic bag inside my larger purse or tote bag (I am definitely a large bag kind of girl) so I can easily find essentials – things like lipstick and a powder compact, but also headache medication, a nail file, sunglasses, bandages, wet wipes, small tubes of sunblock… so they don’t float to the bottom of the bag (also known as the great abyss… if you ask my husband, anyway.

makeup bag 02 makeup bag 01

Our Lexi Bags are also  ideal as pencil cases!  I like to have lots of colored pens and pencils around and at the ready – either because I feel like doing something artistic, or need to make a shopping/to-do list. This isn’t your 4th grade pencil case, but it absolutely works.  It’s an adult way to tote some art supplies around – or even to store them in desk, keeping them neat and organized – something a lot of us need and want.

05 pencil case 03 pencil case

Do not be fooled by my list. I am not going grocery shopping after work today. It’s been a busy day! (Though you can feel free to admire my handwriting, which is quite stunning, if I may say so myself.)

Rylee Runner’s Wristlet Bags
Not only do these stylish, waterproof bags have a comfortable wrist strap, they are the best way to keep essentials on you when you head out for a run – such as ID, keys, cash/debit cards, and your phone, so you can take your essentials with you and keep them safe with this zippered wristlet bag.

01 wristlet 02 wristlet

Enjoy your new running bags you are undoubtedly going to buy… and your next run!

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