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Reward Yourselves When You Reach Your Goals

One thing all runners have in common is a tendency to set goals… and when those goals are met, setting new ones. And while there is a great personal satisfaction in achieving those goals, it never hurts to give ourselves a little reward for meeting – or exceeding – them.  It’s not only nice to have a reminder of your achievements that were once goals, it’s also a great way to inspire you to keep going when your latest goal seems almost impossible.  (And I’ll tell you now: anything is possible. Just keep trying and you’ll get there.)

Lots of runners love mini-rewards such as a glass of wine or beer after a long run or race.  What better way to enjoy that race reward than with a custom wine or beer glass that speaks to your running goals?  We have a wide array of wine glasses (stemmed and stemless, as everyone has a preference) as well as beer glasses and mugs.  You can view our beer glasses here, and our wine glasses here, to find the perfect ones for you and your running style.

Wine Glass 01

Beer Glass 01

Of course, you need something to put your new drinkware on. After all, nobody wants to damage their table tops while celebrating a run or a new PR. That would put a damper on things, wouldn’t it?  Don’t worry, we have you covered – with two different styles of coasters, that not only protect your table, but also make great conversational pieces.  By preserving an image of any race bib, they are a unique way to display your pride in past races.  Get your single race bib coaster here, and your set of four here.

coasters 02

Coasters 01

When you just want to relax after a race or a run, sometimes the best thing in the world is a comfortable pillow. They also make great accents in any room of the house. But more than anything, it’s about the comfort.  Our personalizable running pillows come in two sizes – a 14″ x 14″ accent pillow and a larger 24″ x 24″ pillow, perfect for cuddling up with to watch some Netflix or even for putting your sore feet up on.  All of our pillows can be purchased here.

Pillow 01

Pillow 02

Jewelry is one of my favorite ways to commemorate significant events or important achievements in my life. I tend to wear a lot of it, and most of it is symbolic of something significant to me (whether or not people know that.)  I can’t think of many better ways for a runner to have an ever-present reminder of his or her accomplishments than a piece of running jewelry. We offer charms, bracelets, and more that can be entirely personalized, or come pre-printed with city names, 26.2, 13.1, or other inspirational running phrases.  Our jewelry can be purchased here.

Necklace 01

bracelet 01

Finally, let’s talk about something every runner loves – medals. There’s nothing fun about putting them in a drawer, only to look at them every once in a while. Unfortunately, that’s what happens to a lot of race medals, which is unfortunate.  The same can be said of race bibs, which are even more difficult to display.  We have a large variety of medal hangers, in various styles, so no runner has to suffer the “drawer full of medals” ever again – you can view our various race medal displays here.  We also have a solution for anyone who is wondering what to do with their race bibs – our BibFOLIO line, which allows you to create a work of art while both displaying and safekeeping your race bibs. Browse our selection of BibFOLIOs here.  You earned those medals and bibs – now show them off!


Medal Hanger 01

No matter how you choose to reward yourself when you meet your goals, set new PRs, or even go an extra mile or two beyond what you had planned, be sure to reward yourself. You earned it and sometimes, you have to treat yourself! Have a great run, everyone at is pulling for you to blow past your latest goal!

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